Our near-term and long-term targets

50% reduction in Scope 1 and 2 emissions from 2021 levels by 2030

25% reduction in Scope 3 emissions from 2021 levels by 2030

30% renewable energy use by 2030

Net zero by 2050

Operating in a more energy-efficient manner

Advanced cooling at SHDC@Loyang

SHDC@Loyang, our state-of-the-art hyperscale facility located within AirTrunk SGP1, can achieve an operating Power Usage Efficiency (PUE) ratio as low as 1.36, compared to Singapore’s average data centre PUE of around 1.9. The more efficient use of energy is attained by indirect evaporative cooling through the evaporation of water. We have also implemented measures including temperature optimisation and airflow improvement, with the use of aisle containment and blanking panels to reduce cooling requirements at our data centres.


Smart base station energy system

We have enhanced our mobile infrastructure to be more energy-efficient. We use a Smart BTS (Base Station) Energy system, which automatically switches off part of the radio resources at our base stations during low traffic periods to save power without affecting mobile services to customers.

Solar-powered equipment

Singapore’s first solar-powered mobile base station was deployed on the roof of our main office, StarHub Green, in 2009. Another mobile base station is situated on the roof of IKEA at Alexandra.


Green buildings

StarHub’s headquarters, StarHub Green, was awarded the Green Mark Gold by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) in Singapore in 2016, which recognises best practices in environmental design and performance in buildings. For instance, we save energy by including motion-sensor activated lighting in our offices. StarHub was also certified as an Eco Office by the Singapore Environment Council in 2018.

Tackling electronic waste

Electronic waste (e-waste) refers to discarded electrical and electronic items such as wires, mobile phones, computers, and batteries. E-waste contains toxic substances and improper disposal causes serious pollution and health problems. 

In response, StarHub in 2012 pioneered a nationwide e-waste recycling programme called RENEW (Recycling the Nation’s Electronic Waste), in partnership with TES and DHL Express and with support from NEA, to promote and encourage everyone to dispose of their e-waste in a responsible manner. Over nine years, RENEW, Singapore’s largest company-led voluntary e-waste recycling effort, delivered real and measurable impact in environmental sustainability. More than 780 tonnes of e-waste, equivalent to the weight of close to three Airbus A380, were safely recycled through RENEW. Carbon emissions of approximately 850 tonnes were avoided.

Having filled a gap for almost a decade, StarHub ended its RENEW programme at the end of June 2021, paving the way for a smooth transition to NEA’s new Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) e-waste management initiative.



In-store collection of e-waste

In support of Singapore's EPR initiative, e-waste recycling bins will continue to be available at StarHub Shops in Plaza Singapura and Tampines Mall. Consumers can drop in their spoilt or deprecated devices, including phones, modems, routers, li-ion batteries and charging cables.

One-for-one take-back service

During the delivery of a product, customers can choose to dispose of old devices of the same class or type and quantity. For example: After taking receipt of a new StarHub Smart WiFi Pro router, customers can pass their unwanted WiFi router to the StarHub Hub Trooper for safe disposal, at no extra cost. 

Reducing waste

We have implemented initiatives to go greener in our retail, marketing and communications.


Going Paperless

  • Sending e-invites and e-cards during festive seasons.
  • Electronic newsletters.
  • Annual Reports and EGM Circulars are available in electronic format.
  • Customers receive electronic statements instead of printed bills, by default.
  • Use of electronic forms of vouchers, sales agreements and work order.
  • My StarHub app to complement e-bill, by allowing customers to manage their accounts digitally.


Responsible Consumerism

  • Encouraging customers to 'Skip the Bag' and bring their own bags.
  • Since 2020, we have transitioned from non-woven bags to FSC MIX-certified biodegradable brown paper bags at our stores.
  • We offer rental of set-top boxes, business routers and Optical Network Terminal units to our customers. Used products are repaired and refurbished for redeployment until they reach the end of their life cycle, whereby they will be recycled through licensed e-waste collectors.

Managing water use

We use water responsibly by reducing the water consumption in our operations and improving water efficiency. Where possible, water-efficient fittings are used to reduce our water consumption, which is monitored on a monthly basis to detect leaks and prevent wastage.