StarHub's use of clickable links

We recognise the importance of safeguarding our communications with customers, while providing a convenient means for them to access their service-related information. 


To this end, StarHub regularly sends out communications to our customers, with links allowing them to obtain more information. We will generally use the following types of links in our communications to customers:

  • for SMS communications.
  • for email communications.
  • for links directing customers to the My StarHub app.


We urge customers to be vigilant when receiving communications from third parties and be cautious of any SMSes or emails from sources claiming to represent StarHub.


If you have any queries on StarHub-related communications you receive, please reach out to us at any of our  customer support channels such as our hotline at 1633,  FacebookTwitter or email.  Additionally, if you would like to report new phishing/scam sites and messages pretending to be from StarHub, please email all information to