Caring for our employees and communities

The health and safety of our employees is a key priority, with physical and psychological wellness at the core of our policies, procedures, and practices. As the company continues to serve customers in an era where accessibility to technology is vital, we lend a helping hand and enable digital experiences for the less privileged in our midst, by galvanising staff volunteers and making community investments in partnership with government agencies, charity partners, and social service agencies.

Our commitments are centred on four key areas

Talent management

Attracting Highly-skilled individuals, and providing training and development opportunities

Workplace equality, diversity, and inclusion

Promoting diversity and equality, with no discrimination based on age, race, gender, sexual orientation, or marital status

Employee health and safety

Creating work environment that promotes the health and safety of our employees

Investing in local communities

Investing in communities to support disadvantaged groups in digital inclusion and employability

Investing in our employees

Staff care

Besides physical safety, we are equally committed to ensuring the psychological wellness of our staff.

#HubberHangout: Townhalls with management, to provide open and transparent updates, and answer questions about business and people matters.

#HubbaFlex: Flexible benefit scheme extended to support work from home (WFH). Staff may make use of #HubbaFlex to purchase WFH equipment.

Keep Calm and Be ThoughtFull: Partnered ThoughtFull to launch a company-wide mental wellness programme to provide on-demand mental wellness resources, webinars, and the ThoughtFull Chat app where staff can reach out to a counsellor for one-on-one support.

#NoMeetingThuPMs: Introduced to help staff manage online fatigue caused by virtual meetings.

Staff training and development

Building our employees’ skills and capabilities is essential for employee retention and helps them stay up-to-date on the latest industry developments. We continue to invest in upskilling in the areas of 5G, network virtualisation, cybersecurity and data analytics to build critical skills as StarHub advances its DARE+ strategy. For some divisions, we practise portfolio rotation to enable our staff to develop new skills, build new network connections and to diversify our workforce.

In addition, we launched a quarterly Learning Week to encourage employees to #LearnEveryDay and to build a culture of continuous learning within StarHub. We continue to offer all employees open access to digital learning platforms (such as LinkedIn Learning), classroom training, leadership development workshops, professional certifications and on-the-job training

Staff volunteer work

As a strong advocate of employee engagement and volunteerism, StarHub supports employees in their charitable endeavours, entitling them to two days of paid volunteer leave a year. Various social outreach activities, green learning journeys are organised throughout the year to engage and raise awareness on social and environmental issues among employees.

Supporting the community

Working closely with various non-profit organisations, we contributed $880,000 to community support initiatives in 2021, helping over 4,800 beneficiaries from underprivileged families, seniors as well as persons with disabilities. In recognition of our contributions, we were presented with the Charity Platinum Award at the annual Community Chest Awards. These include:

We launched a $500,000 ‘Junior Stars’ Programme in March 2022, in collaboration with Central Singapore Community Development Council, to empower 1,400 vulnerable children in the community with equal learning opportunities. Rolling up their sleeves, StarHubbers actively guided and supported the children in their learning through the inaugural Food Sustainability Workshop, which took place during the March school holidays.

We also embarked on a digital inclusion project in December 2021, where our staff refurbished 40 used laptops for donation to underprivileged students through Care Corner Singapore. Each laptop was thoroughly wiped, upgraded for faster speeds, installed with the latest operating system, and equipped with a power cord, a mouse, and a laptop bag – all ready for home-based learning. 

Filling Stomachs and Hearts: We worked with The Food Bank Singapore (FBSG) to dispense 24x7 food aid across a network of vending machines. StarHubbers eagerly rolled up their sleeves, sorting and packing food donations at FBSG’s warehouse, as well as refilling the vending machines. Since January 2021, we dispensed 129,828 meals and filled the plates of over 2,900 beneficiaries. 

Workplace Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

A diverse and inclusive workforce is important to us. We adhere to fair employment practices, strive to provide a safe and non-discriminatory work environment, and continually strengthen our workplace policies to provide a level playing field for all staff. We are proud to share that no incidents of discrimination were reported in 2021. 

Our measures for an inclusive workplace include:

·         An anti-harassment policy, where staff can report any incidents of harassment to their immediate supervisor or the HR department without the risk of reprisals. The company will thoroughly investigate the issue and take prompt remedial action.

·         Maternity, paternity, and shared parental leave for staff. Notably, eligible working fathers are entitled to two weeks of paid paternity leave and up to four weeks of shared parental leave.

·         Paid childcare leave, nursing rooms and childcare facilities at our headquarters in StarHub Green.