Embracing new technologies for a smarter, safer and more sustainable society

We are committed to embracing new technologies and fostering innovation throughout our value chain. This is evident in the nascent area of 5G, where StarHub moved early to establish ourselves as a market leader. 5G, which offers greater speeds, capacity, and connectivity, enables digital-first solutions for a smarter, safer and more sustainable society.

StarHub’s Infrastructure

Taking the opportunity to support the sharing economy, we rolled out our 5G Standalone network through our joint venture, Antina, on the 3.5GHz spectrum in a more sustainable manner by collaborating with another mobile network operator. Under the partnership, we will expand and enhance the 5G Standalone network with the additional 2.1 GHz spectrum which was secured in 2021. The sharing of network with our partner allows us to avoid the duplication of infrastructure, thereby reducing the carbon footprint of our 5G service offerings.

Green Tech

We have made significant strides in Digital+Green initiatives, forging partnerships to ideate, create, and deliver smart and sustainable solutions.

H2i, StarHub work together to use mobile base stations as rainfall sensors
We will be working with water technology scale-up Hydroinformatics Institute (H2i) to develop a cost-effective rainfall monitoring system, using our existing network of mobile base stations as rainfall sensors. This system will help the Public Utilities Board (PUB) obtain data on rainfall intensities, to better prepare for heavy rain and flash floods.

StarHub and NUS Partner on 5G Smart Campus Innovation

In February 2022, we rolled out Singapore’s first 100% solar-powered campus WiFi over StarHub 5G on the National University of Singapore (NUS) campus. Further to that, we will be working together on a variety of 5G and IoT solutions applications, by drawing from ‘live’ data which can be consolidated from a network of sensors regardless of the number, type or brand. This will help manage campus facilities more efficiently.

Cybersecurity and Online Safety

To safeguard both enterprises and consumers from growing cyber threats, we have launched a suite of cybersecurity services and solutions, to give our customers peace of mind online.

For consumers, this includes CyberProtect, an all-in-one cybersecurity service which integrates antivirus and Virtual Private Network access, and CyberCover, a cyber protection policy designed to provide financial support for customers affected by identity theft, unauthorised transactions, cyber-bullying and more.

For enterprises, we have Internet Clean Pipe, Managed SASE, and Backup as a service for Microsoft 365. These solutions help businesses to detect and prevent Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDOS) attacks, consolidate their networking and security services on the cloud, and store their data safely. 

Information and Communications Technology

StarHub and Hewlett Packard Enterprise Bring 5G Edge to Businesses

Partnering with Hewlett Packard Enterprise, we in November 2021 launched the 5G Multi-access Edge Computing (5G MEC) solution, which helps organisations and government clients make faster and smarter decisions through next generation automation, mission-critical communications and data analytics. With this, customers in latency sensitive environments, such as high precision manufacturing and autonomous transportation, can make split-second business decisions based on real-time analytics. 

StarHub, Software AG partner to launch new 5G IoT platform service 
We launched the StarHub 5G IoT Platform Service, a one-stop solution that allows organisations to aggregate all their existing IoT applications and connected devices on a single platform. For example, a public transport operator can perform real-time vehicle tracking, automated inspection of the conditions of its fleet, and predict potential issues pre-emptively.