Terms & Conditions - Trade-in of Mobile Devices


  1. Trade in value will be applicable to offset against the purchase of a new mobile device with 2-year mobile contract, or on EasyGo.
  2. All other handsets not listed above will be given $10 trade-in value.
  3. The mobile devices for trade-in will only be accepted if they meet the following criteria:
    1. No cosmetic damage i.e no broken casing, screen, severe scratch, wear and tear or corrosion.
    2. No liquid damage.
    3. Device must be able to power on and off.
    4. Any applicable phone lock (password or finger print) must be disabled.
    5. Device must be able to be charged.
    6. When device is powered on, the display must be clear and fully visible.
    7. Device does not have any missing or non-original parts. Device includes original battery, power adaptor and cable.
    8. Device is not registered on any applicable stolen or lost property database.
    9. For Apple Device, please disable "Find my iphone/iPAD" and delete cloud ID account from the device before resetting. Learn more.
  4. Trade-in is available at StarHub Shops and Online.
  5. StarHub reserves the right to reject any trade-in at our own discretion.