23 June 1999, Singapore -- Singapore Internet access services provider (IASP), CyberWay, and GRIC Communications have signed an agreement to host roaming services for AOL (America Online) in Singapore. AOL subscribers will soon have convenient Internet access with quality support and service when they are in Singapore. Field-testing is now being jointly conducted by both organizations in Singapore with a selected pool of AOL subscribers. 


CyberWay has been the pioneer partner of the GRIC Alliance in Singapore since 1996 to enable global internet roaming for CyberWay`s subscribers. There are now over 450 leading Internet service providers and telecommunications companies in the GRIC Alliance.


GRIC is the world leader in delivering multiple integrated Internet services for ISPs, telcos and emerging carriers. GRIC recently signed an International Internet roaming agreement with AOL which allows AOL to add access in several important new markets, including Singapore, using GRIC technology.

Mr Tan Tong Hai, General Manager of CyberWay said, "The agreement demonstrates AOL`s confidence in CyberWay-GRIC effort to deliver quality service to AOL`s subscribers. Last year, AOL visited Singapore several times to assess the IASPs here for this project and CyberWay was chosen after vigorous reviews. This initiative will generate more internet traffic flow for Singapore, thereby better positioning Singapore as the quality info-communications hub in the region. CyberWay`s partnership with GRIC has now grown from strength to strength."


"CyberWay will be the home of AOL in Singapore," said Mr Mun-Kein Chang, Managing Director of GRIC Communications for Asia Pacific. "AOL recognises the significance of Singapore as a high-traffic hub and the agreement with GRIC and CyberWay will give AOL members, whether locals or visitors, high quality and low cost service."