All Existing StarHub Mobile Customers And The Next 88,888 Customers Who Sign Up For StarHub Mobile Plans Will Benefit


Singapore, 3 December 2000 -- As a special 'Thank You' to its existing customers, StarHub is extending its innovative Free Incoming Calls (FIC) promotion for another 3 years. Now, all existing StarHub mobile customers who own a StarHub post-paid mobile plan will continue to benefit from FIC until 31 March 2004.


StarHub will also extend the offer to the next 88,888 new customers who sign up for either Power Talk (S$68 monthly subscription fee) or Power Play (S$22 monthly subscription fee). This FIC promotion is only valid for post-paid mobile plans.


StarHub is the only mobile service operator in Singapore to provide its customers with significant savings via its FIC programme. With FIC, StarHub mobile customers are saving up to a whopping 50% on their monthly mobile bills. Take for example, if a StarHub mobile customer receives 10 incoming calls of three minutes each day, then he saves S$4.50 daily based on the rate of S$0.15 per minute (or up to S$140 per month). In one year, he would have saved a significant amount of about S$1,600.


Mr K.C. Lai, General Manager, Consumer Market (Shops/Personal Info-comms), StarHub, said, "A key benefit of our FIC promotion is that mobile customers gain predictability and control over their bills. They pay only for the calls they make, not the calls they receive. In addition, StarHub mobile customers only have to pay for the exact length of the calls they make. This is because with StarHub's per second billing feature, customer will not have to pay for the excess seconds or minutes they have left unused if they were charged either on a 6-second block or per minute basis."


"StarHub has delivered on its promise to give value to its customers and by extending this promotion for 3 years to our loyal mobile customers, it's our way of saying 'Thank You'. We're ensuring that new StarHub mobile customers will benefit from the FIC offer too. We expect a rush of new customers who want to enjoy the 3-year FIC deal by becoming one of the next 88,888 customers," Mr Lai added.


StarHub continues to be a notable brand in the Singapore mobile market by introducing refreshing ideas and challenging the traditional ways of doing business. Innovative offers like the FIC promotion bring real value to customers, and this message will be brought to the public not just via the usual advertising channels but also through an innovative advertising method - moving billboards or mobile advertising trucks. These are selective scrolling billboard display systems placed on wheels.


Beginning 2nd till 31st December, StarHub will be deploying up to three such moving billboards across the island. Each mobile advertising truck will display posters on its three panels. Members of the public can spot these trucks at busy areas like the Central Business District, Orchard Road, and various MRT stations. 'Live statues' (models) will also mill with the crowd and distribute StarHub brochures on the FIC promotion and mobile plans.


These moving billboards can be seen from as early as 7.30 am to 10.00 pm on weekdays. Come weekends (Friday - Sunday), the time will be extended to 1.00 am. All posters will be lit up when night falls. These hard-to-miss yellow trucks and the scrolling billboards promise to draw high visibility to the StarHub posters and make a lasting impression.


"StarHub, not only seeks to provide customers with unique mobile plans and value, but also bring innovation with entertaining forms of advertising, " Mr Lai said. "Moving billboards have been seen in 51 countries on 5 continents, now it is here in Singapore for the first time, with StarHub. They are aptly used to promote our creative FIC promotion."


To qualify for the FIC promotion, new mobile customers can sign up for StarHub mobile plans at the three StarHub shops (StarHub Centre, OUB Centre and Tampines Mall) or at the 200 StarHub preferred partners' (authorised dealers and distributors) shops in Singapore.


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