Dedicated to the Cause of Learning and Enrichment


Singapore, 2 March 2000 -- StarHub, Singapore’s new info-communications player, is pleased to announce its sponsorship of a specially-designed StarHub payphone card produced for charity fund raising purposes. The special StarHub charity phone card edition is dedicated to the promotion of learning and enrichment programmes for the young.


The phone card design was based on internationally renowned local artist, Master Liu Kang’s calligraphy of a Chinese couplet that is inspired by StarHub’s Chinese characters, "Xin He". The couplet extols the benefits of learning and the pursuit of knowledge. When translated in English, the couplet reads: "In the boundless galaxy of learning, we seek knowledge whole-heartedly. In the education of future talents, we seek achievement in unity." StarHub’s Chinese name characters, "Xin He", are also incorporated within the Chinese couplet.


StarHub, together with six 6 partner companies, produced 100,000 pieces of this special edition charity phone card, each with a stored value of S$1. The payphone cards are not intended for commercial sales or resale. These cards are given to four beneficiary organizations for their respective charity drives to help raise funds for their organizations’ learning programmes and to enhance their facilities to conduct their programmes and activities.

These beneficiary organizations include:

  • The Nanyang Primary School;
  • The Autistic Association (Singapore)
  • The Dyslexia Association of Singapore.
  • The TOUCH Community Services

The StarHub charity payphone cards will be given to corporate supporters, friends, and public members by these beneficiary organizations in return for a minimum donation sum received. Each of the beneficiary organization is free to set the minimum donation sum per card. The 4 organizations hope to raise a total of at least S$500,000 over a 3-month distribution period, ending on 31 0th May 2000.


The Nanyang Primary School will distributeing StarHub’s charity payphone cards through its teachers and students to raise funds its teachers and students in return for donations contributed towards for its school building fund.


The other 3 charities will first bring their joint fund-raising drive effort to the public from 4 to 5 March 2000 at the Heeren Atrium and Suntec City (outside Carrefour) from12 noon to 9 pm. The charities’ joint weekend public launch effort will kick off with a charity bidding to be held at the Heeren Atrium on Saturday, 4 March 2000, from 12 noon to 1.00 p.m. The charity bidding will see participation from the charities’ corporate supporters and friends to bid for these charity some StarHub payphone cards with that have "golden serial numbers". The remaining phone cards after the public launch will be distributed via written correspondence with the charities’ corporate supporters and various school networks.


Said Mr Henry Lim, Chief Financial Officer at StarHub, "StarHub’s community programme vision is to promote learning and enrichment programmes for the benefit of our young. We believe that everyone has the capacity to learn and grow at their own pace, even those with special learning needs. We want to empower the young to grow and maximize their own potential as best they can. Through this phone card sponsorship as the first of StarHub’s community projects, we hope to contribute towards the further development of Singapore’s society. We selected these four beneficiary organizations as they embody the essence of our community programme vision."