17 March 2000, Singapore -- Mr Terry Clontz, President and CEO of StarHub, today announced the resignation of Mr Tan Tong Hai as General Manager of StarHub Internet. Mr Tan, whose resignation takes effect from today, will be starting a dot.com company. StarHub Internet’s Deputy General Manager, Mr Lim Seow Thong will assume the role of Acting General Manager until the new General Manager comes on board. 


"We are sorry to see Tong Hai leave StarHub Internet, but we are genuinely happy for him. Having joined in March 1999, he has helped StarHub Internet achieve a solid position in the market over the past year. Tong Hai has a great opportunity to incubate a new start-up and we wish him every success in his new adventure," said Mr Clontz.


Mr Tan has agreed to be a member of the StarHub Internet Advisory Committee. The role of the Advisory Committee will be to offer guidance and advice on strategic issues to StarHub Internet.