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4 May 2000, Singapore -- StarHub Internet today unveiled the first of many future collaborations which will help it achieve its aim of bridging the Internet and Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) divide. Working together with industry leaders for compelling content and StarHub Mobility for nation-wide wireless access, StarHub Internet is confident that its efforts will soon give its subscribers greater freedom and choices in their modern mobile lifestyles.

"Over time, we plan to introduce new enhancements and more services to keep pace with our subscribers as their e-lifestyles evolve into m-lifestyles with the ever increasing widespread acceptance of mobile solutions," said Mr Lim Seow Thong, Deputy General Manager of StarHub Internet.


StarHub Internet is also pleased to announce a partnership with local Application Service Provider to offer its suite of free web-based productivity tools through a co-branded channel. StarHub Internet’s paid dial-up subscribers will be automatically pre-registered for this service, so they can immediately access the applications by using their existing account name and passwords through a log-in access ‘window’ on the homepage. In addition, they will receive 20 MB of FileStore space to save files and documents, which is double the storage space received by other users who are not StarHub Internet subscribers. is the developer of the patented Real Group Support (RGS) technology which gives registered users the flexibility to either combine or separate information belonging to separate groups or "HabitatsTM" with a click of the mouse. This provides an intuitive platform for users to manage information not just on a personal level but on a multi-group level, reflecting the way people organise information in ‘groups’ in real life. 

  • StarHub Internet (Surf-For-Free) – Winner, ‘Incredible Service Provider’ Poll, by CNet Singapore, December 1999  
  • StarHub Internet – Winner, ISP of the Year, by Internet World Asia Industry Awards, March 2000  
  • StarHub Internet (Paid)– Winner, ‘Incredible Service Provider’ Poll, by CNet Singapore, March 2000

"’s unique HabitatsTM feature will allow StarHub Internet subscribers to build their own ‘online communities’. They can even invite friends or family to share files, participate in discussion topics or contribute their views on a multi-group level. We are certain that our subscribers will find this additional service a useful complement as they expand and extend their Internet fraternity," added Mr Lim.

"This strategic alliance with StarHub is definitely a milestone for We are very glad to be working with a forward-looking service provider to promote communication, collaboration and community building," said Mr Tang Chi Sim, Director, Technology,


Converging Info-Communications Solutions

To give their subscribers greater freedom and flexibility in their mobile lifestyle, StarHub Internet has also collaborated with StarHub Mobility to extend access to the co-branded channel through StarHub iPower WAP users’ phones. The WAP-enabled "StarHub Habitat" portal will allow subscribers access to common features on the Internet site such as tasks, calendar and email.


"This is a classic example of the data side of ‘fixed-mobile convergence’ – where ‘fixed’ refers to the PC or laptop and ‘mobile’ refers to a mobile phone," expounded Mr Lim.


"We are proud to be the first to introduce this convergence of platforms which allows both StarHub Internet and StarHub Mobility to offer integrated info-communication solutions to our customers more effectively. The "StarHub Habitat" WAP portal will further empower StarHub’s WAP users to fully experience the promise of the wireless world. This is a prime example of StarHub’s aim to offer integrated mobile solutions through our iPower WAP service plan," added Mr Wee Way Kiat, General Manager of StarHub Mobility.


Enhanced Website

StarHub Internet also revealed a new-look enhanced website that has been expanded with the introduction of new channels which offer, among others, personal enrichment opportunities, financial and health tips aimed at complementing the life- and work-styles of StarHub Internet’s subscribers.

" is the first page StarHub Internet subscribers see the moment they log on, so we wanted to offer a more holistic approach to helping them aggregate all the information they want in one easily accessible and convenient location," Mr Lim said.


The new website has been redesigned to cater to the needs of StarHub Internet’s target audience of Professionals, Managers, Executives and Businessmen (PMEBs). This segment of Internet users will be able to enjoy new channels focusing on finance (Dollars & Sense), leisure (Your Getaway) and health (Pink of Health) that will provide the information they are interested in the moment they log on. These co-branded channels are in collaboration with leading industry partners including,, HealthAnswers International and