Benchmarking Tests and Bookstore Support Lifelong Learning


5 September 2000, Singapore -- In an effort to help infocomm professionals stay relevant in the new digital economy, recruitment consultants Pte Ltd today launched benchmarking and online research tools. partnered with StarHub Internet and, an online bookstore, to extend the value-added services to these professionals through StarHub Internet’s website.


"With our benchmarking tests and certification, infocomm professionals will know where they stand in this rapidly advancing industry," said CEO Ms Theresa Goh. "They will know their value in the industry, and this would push them to keep upgrading their knowledge."


The benchmarking tool, called aboutHR SkillsTest, offers more than 70 tests in different infocomm disciplines. These range from popular programming languages (C++, COBOL, Visual Basic), networking technologies (NT, Novell), Databases (Oracle, Sybase, Informix, SQL) to Internet skills like HTML, Java and JavaScript.


Each test is delivered via the Internet – at– and takes an average of 15 minutes to complete. Upon completion, appraises the test and posts a printed certificate to the candidate. The tests are free for anyone who registers at the site.


"The new economy is about changing mindset and challenging prevailing assumptions, and not just sticking by the book," said Mr Lo Yoong Khong, IDA Assistant Director, Manpower Development, Online Development. "It is about lifelong learning, and not just formalised training once in your lifetime." has also partnered to provide an online bookstore to help facilitate lifelong learning. "Our service called aboutHR BookStore, is unique as it allows users to print on demand only the chapter of section of any book or report that they need," said Ms Goh. The bookstore has over 600,000 titles with a focus for professionals on business, management, finance, IT, telecommunications, and programming.

"This is very much in line with our strategy to constantly look out and establish alliances with quality content partners," said Mr Kyong Yu, General Manager, StarHub Internet. "As the society moves into the Digital Age and the Net economy, we have, as an Internet services provider, to continually provide value-added services on our website for our subscribers. Our partnership with is a good example."


StarHub Internet had earlier this year worked with to offer online recruitment services. It has now taken the partnership a step further by being the first to offer the benchmarking and research tools to its subscribers.


Among the many StarHub subscribers who responded to the online benchmarking assessment tests during the pre-launch period, the top ten scorers of the tests were honoured with their certificates at the launch reception today.