StarHub WAP Users will be Able to Access the iPower Plan in Major Asian countries and Soon, in Europe


Singapore, 13 September 2000 -- StarHub, Singapore's new info-communications player, today announced the launch of its WAP (wireless application protocol) roaming service. All StarHub iPower WAP users will be able to access their iPower WAP applications whilst they are overseas. This special WAP roaming service will begin with Hong Kong and Malaysia, and will soon be available in the United Kingdom and India.


StarHub's WAP roaming service allows iPower subscribers to access the iPower WAP services when they are out of Singapore – without the need to establish IDD connections. By simply using the local mobile switching network and local WAP gateway as an ISP, StarHub subscribers can access the iPower WAP portal via the Internet. This will significantly reduce the cost of using StarHub's WAP services outside of Singapore.


Said Mr Wee Way Kiat, General Manager, Mobility, StarHub, "StarHub's iPower subscribers who use the new service will benefit by only paying local access / talk time rates – resulting in a highly affordable WAP roaming service. StarHub is always looking to value-add our services for our customers. This is a fine example of our commitment to value-add by providing a cost-effective and innovative wireless service to our mobile phone customers."


StarHub has entered into an arrangement with SmarTone in Hong Kong and Maxis in Malaysia to provide its WAP roaming service. Under the agreement, operators will provide WAP roaming service to customers travelling from Singapore to these two countries. Conversely, SmarTone and Maxis customers will be able to access their respective WAP plans in Singapore.


The WAP Roaming service with SmarTone and Maxis will commence on 1st October 2000. StarHub is also currently conducting tests with BT Cellnet in the United Kingdom and will soon begin tests with AirTel in India.


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