StarHub and NTT Com in Global IP Network Alliance


Singapore, 18 July 2001 -- StarHub, Singapore's info-communications operator, and NTT Communications Corporation (NTT Com), a subsidiary of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation, today announced a Memorandum Of Understanding for their alliance in the IP backbone network business. This alliance will see the integration of the StarHub IX (Internet Exchange) network, the Internet exchange facility of StarHub, with NTT Com/Verio’s Global Tier 1 Network.


Once integrated, the power of NTT Com/Verio’s Global Tier 1 Network will mean that StarHub IX will be the first local IX to seamlessly connect Europe, North America and the Asia-Pacific via a Tier 1 Global Internet Backbone Network. Positioned at the top of the Internet network hierarchy, a Tier 1 Network is capable of providing the best Internet connectivity with minimum delay and maximum security features.


Last year, NTT Com acquired Verio, a U.S.-based Tier 1 IP services provider and the world’s largest Web hosting company, and integrated its IP backbone network with Verio's. Through this alliance, StarHub and NTT Com/Verio have agreed to integrate their respective IP backbone networks to form a single Global Tier 1 Internet Protocol (IP) Backbone Network.


With the new integrated IP network, StarHub IX will provide Facilities-Based Operators (FBOs), Services-Based Operators (SBOs), carriers, ISPs and Multi-national Corporations (MNCs) in Singapore with a reliable and cost-effective Tier 1 Global Internet Transit Service, along with other advanced IP services such as IP-Virtual Private Networks (VPNs).


In addition, StarHub will be responsible for the integrated network's expansion and the provision of the IP network services based on this platform in South East Asia and South Asia, which will make StarHub IX and Singapore a hub for the integrated global Tier 1 IP network in those regions.


"Our aim is to bring a premier Global IP backbone network to Singapore and leverage that capability throughout South Asia and South East Asia, truly helping to make StarHub and Singapore a significant info-communications hub. NTT Communications is a very logical partner for StarHub in this region, and we are pleased to be working with them on this very important initiative," said Mr Terry Clontz, President and CEO of StarHub.


"The combination of NTT Communications and Verio has created one of the strongest global Internet Service Providers, giving customers access to each other’s markets throughout Asia, North America and Europe. This alliance with StarHub will not only give us the power to expand our business foothold in the South East Asian region, but will also allow StarHub to offer customers the ability to transmit mission-critical data across a global Internet backbone and a uniform level of quality and services," said Mr Masanobu Suzuki, President and CEO of NTT Communications Corporation.


Mr Mike Reynolds, Senior Vice President, International and Wholesale, StarHub, explained: "This partnership allows StarHub IX to leapfrog more established competitors as the preferred alternative for local and regional customers looking for secured global connectivity. With the integration of NTT Com/Verio's network which spans beyond the region into key US and European hub destinations, we can now enhance our services to meet the needs of customers of all sizes, from the largest ISPs and multinational corporations to the newest Web-centric start-ups."


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