With StarHub’s IDD 008, You Don’t Have to Pay for Calls that are 12 Seconds or Less!


Singapore, 24 July 2001 -- StarHub today announced that all StarHub customers will be able to enjoy their IDD 008 calls without paying any international call charges if their call duration is 12 seconds or less. This is an innovative and revolutionary benefit that StarHub is introducing to its customers - a first for IDD market in Singapore!


Mr William Tan, General Manager of Voice Services said, "Since StarHub’s launch in April last year, we have always emphasized on our principle of providing customers with "value, simplicity and service quality". When we launched our International Calling Services (IDD 008 and I-Call 018), our customers were able to enjoy our unique features such as per second billing and single all day rate, with coverage to over 230 destinations. Till today, StarHub remains the only operator who offers per second billing."


"When our customers call their loved ones or business associates overseas, we understand that, at times, they are unable to contact the person in mind. This could be due to them being connected to an answering machine or the person whom they are calling is not available. Other possibilities include dialing a wrong number or worse, the phone number has been changed. By empowering our customers in not having to pay a second more for calls they do not want to incur, we have introduced this new value-added service for their added benefit when using our premium IDD 008 service."


This value-added service is applicable to all StarHub IDD 008 calls originating from StarHub fixed, mobile1 and ISDN lines. Customers who have also registered their other operators’ lines (e.g. residential lines, mobile phones) for StarHub’s IDD 008 service will also be able to enjoy this service.2 This service is valid for all IDD 008 calls made all day, every day.


For any calls that last longer than 12 seconds, customers will be charged for the full call duration from the time the call is connected. For example, if a customer makes an overseas call lasting 11 seconds, he will not be charged for the call at all. However, if his international call lasts 18 seconds, he will be billed for the total duration of 18 seconds.


Added Mr Tan, "StarHub is always challenging the norm to deliver refreshing and innovative solutions to our customers. We will continue to innovate and our customers can look forward to more unique service offerings from us!"




1 Local Mobile airtime is chargeable

2Calls originating from HomeConnect, Green Pre-paid Mobile Service and StarHub Payphones are not eligible.