New Enhanced Offerings for MNCs to SMEs


Singapore, 26 July 2001 -- StarHub IP.Q, Singapore’s first intelligent new-generation broadband IP (Internet Protocol) network offering high-speed voice, video and data communications via a single Ethernet connection, has now been extended to all companies looking for a smarter, simpler and more flexible solution to meet their communication and application needs. This network was previously available only to tenants of selected commercial buildings in the Central Business District (CBD) area.


Launched in October 2000, the StarHub IP.Q network uses Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) technology to prioritise and deliver mission critical applications at guaranteed bandwidths and speeds of more than 1000 times faster than conventional networks. This translates into better service to the company’s internal and external ‘clients’ as well as more efficient bandwidth consumption and cost control.


"StarHub IP.Q is essentially an enhanced IP network within the StarHub fixed network. By integrating the features, we can now extend all the benefits of the StarHub IP.Q network beyond the CBD to any customer in the buildings linked to the StarHub fixed network. Customers can also choose to use their existing telecommunications infrastructure to enjoy StarHub IP.Q services. To date, no other provider can offer such a range of services on this scale," said Mr Richard Lee, Vice-President, Business Markets, StarHub.


Customers can choose from a wide variety of scalable Internet or Virtual Private Network (VPN) services delivered through Ethernet, local leased lines, Frame Relay or Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) connections. In addition, StarHub IP.Q has just introduced new innovative packages that offer both MNC and SME customers more flexibility to meet their bandwidth needs.


"With the continuing explosion of data traffic in the Internet, corporate intranets, and extranets, IP is fast-becoming the preferred platform for business communications. Our new offerings reflect what our customers need most from a robust network - simplicity, flexibility and scalability," added Mr Chong Pow Min, Senior Director, Business Markets, StarHub.


The new StarHub IP.Q Gigabit Ethernet service, for example, offers medium to large-sized companies in content-intensive industries scalable bandwidths from 100Mbps up to 1Gbps. This gives customers such as financial institutions a more cost-efficient method to set up real-time disaster recovery sites and off-site data backup centers.


Online content providers can also subscribe to StarHub IP.Q Multicast service to more effectively manage their bandwidth needs without sacrificing customer satisfaction. This new service reduces the traditional need of purchasing separate links to individual customers to deliver the same content. Instead, StarHub IP.Q Multicast can distribute the same stream of information to multiple receivers who are also on the StarHub IP.Q network without the additional costs.


SMEs who need responsive access to the Internet in the most cost-effective way can also look forward to the StarHub IP.Q 512K Value QualityPlan. Unlike other plans based on ADSL, the StarHub IP.Q Ethernet connection provides true 512kbps bandwidth for upstream and downstream access with a drastically reduced error rate assurance - a winning combination for any SME looking to utilise the power of IP.


"We can offer this assurance as StarHub IP.Q is based on StarHub's new fibre-based network, which is immune to interference compared to the traditional copper network. The 512K Value Quality Plan is thus a better solution for businesses who require the speed and resilience for mission-critical applications," added Mr Chong.


The benefits from these new services, in addition to those already under the StarHub IP.Q portfolio, are expected to significantly reduce the investment costs and complexities faced by companies in managing different networks, services and applications for their business communication needs.


Impiric - a Wunderman company, the Singapore office of the world's largest integrated marketing solutions provider - has been using StarHub IP.Q Internet access services at their office in The Concourse. Said Mr Mohamad Ayoob, its IT Director for Asia Pacific, "Fast and reliable access to the Internet is important to Impiric as a business tool for us, and as a delivery platform for our customers. We are happy with the flexibility in bandwidth usage and security offered by StarHub IP.Q."


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