Pay for only 10 Minutes and Get the Next 50 Minutes Free


Singapore, 19 October 2001 -- StarHub, Singapore’s info-communications service provider, has introduced yet another innovative benefit for its I-Call 018 service. Customers can now enjoy additional 50 minutes of free IDD talk time for calls lasting 10 minutes when they call any of the top five selected destinations (Australia, China, Hong Kong, Japan and UK) every weekend*!


"This weekend savings offer is timely especially during the current economic climate as it not only ensures that our customers enjoy significant savings on their IDD calls, but they can also stay in touch and talk longer with their friends and loved ones in Australia, China, Hong Kong, Japan and the UK. Pegged in with our unique per second billing, our customers will enjoy the value that every second of their IDD call has to offer," said Mr William Tan, General Manager, Voice Services, StarHub.


This first-in-market offer gives StarHub’s customers the added power to enjoy FREE additional 50 minutes worth of talktime to the top five destinations as charges are capped at 10 minutes but customers can enjoy up to 60 minutes of talktime. This means that customers can enjoy discounts of up to 83% on their IDD call charges! They also need not keep a constant eye on their clocks to continuously calculate the cost of their calls. This offer is only applicable on weekends. Calls under 10 minutes will be charged by per second.


Added Mr Tan, "We firmly believe that customers should have the power to enjoy their conversations with their loved ones overseas, rather than being pressurised in constantly calculating how much they have to pay per minute. This is even more so during difficult times. We are always on the constant look out to bring more value to our customers for their support for our international calling services and this latest offer is just the tip of the iceberg."


StarHub has also committed 1% of the revenue earned from all I-Call 018 and IDD 008 calls to the StarHub IDD Empowerment Fund. To date, this Fund has made significant contribution to the less fortunate in society as we have donated 437 wheelchairs to 21 community associations as well as over S$100,000 worth of computer peripherals and food supply for over 700 children at 10 children’s homes. Our contribution is even more significant during this period as donations are far and few between. More community efforts are in the pipeline.


This offer is the latest in a long string of unique offerings that StarHub’s International Calling Services have been offering to its customers since its launch in April 2000. Just last month, all customers were enamoured with StarHub’s revolutionary offer for its premium service whereby all IDD 008 calls lasting 12 seconds or less would be FREE of charge. Other current offerings also include Frequently Called Countries and the StarHub International Calling Card, which in itself boasts of other unique value-added services such as Call List and Intelligent Login**.


StarHub customers can enjoy this innovative offer when they use StarHub’s I-Call 018 via their StarHub post-paid mobile and fixed phones, StarHub-registered SingTel fixed and mobile phones, StarHub-registered M1 mobile phones and via StarHub International Calling Cards.




*   Promotion applicable for all I-Call 018 calls made from Saturday 0001 hours till Sunday 2359 hours.

** Call List is a security feature whereby customers restrict the phone numbers to be called through the card. Intelligent Login enables customers to select the most frequently called from five telephone numbers such that they need not enter their 10-digit card number whenever calls are made from these numbers.