First Local Player with Tier 1 IP Backbone; ‘StarHub IX’ Re-Branded As ‘StarHub Global IP Network’


Singapore, 27 August 2002 – StarHub, Singapore’s leading info-communications provider, today announced the completion of its IP backbone integration with NTT/VERIO’s Global IP Network. With this integration, StarHub has enhanced its IP service offerings by providing seamless IP access over the world-class Tier 1 IP backbones of NTT Communications (NTT Com) and VERIO, making StarHub a global IP player.


Through the gigabit-class IP backbone, the enhanced network covers the three key telecommunications regions in the world – Asia-Pacific, Europe and North America. When customers connect to the global Tier 1 IP backbone, they will also connect to seamless IP services from a single Autonomous System* (AS) global IP network, thus ensuring that their IP traffic is efficiently routed. In addition, direct connection to major ISPs in many countries will make Internet access faster.


In line with the integration, StarHub Internet Exchange (IX) will now be re-branded as StarHub Global IP Network. Launched in 2000, it has garnered many major customers in Singapore and the Asia-Pacific region. StarHub Global IP Network is targeted at licensed Facilities-Based Operators (FBOs), Service-Based Operators (SBOs), carriers, ISPs and multi-national corporations.


StarHub IP Transit Service is the first service available on StarHub Global IP Network, providing customers with access to the Internet backbone. StarHub will also offer a network-based IP-VPN service soon, using IPSec protocols, providing customers with high performance, cost effectiveness and flexible connections.


"StarHub sees this integration of our network with NTT/VERIO’s Global Tier 1 Network as a foundation for us to become one of the central hubs for IP traffic flowing through the region," said Mr Mike Reynolds, Senior Vice President, Business Markets, StarHub. "Given that NTT Com is one of the strongest and most stable IP players in the world, and with the expected increase in IP traffic, StarHub is well-placed to provide carriers, ISPs and companies with increased reliability and security that is essential to their business needs."


"NTT Com sees Singapore and StarHub playing a key role in our overall data strategy, given the highly-developed and reliable info-communications infrastructure and their central role in many mission-critical traffic routes," said Mr Yukimasa Ito, President, Global IP Network, VERIO; and Vice President, Global IP Business, NTT Com. "This integration with StarHub allows us to expand our business foothold in the Southeast Asian region, while at the same time, allow StarHub’s customers to transmit critical data across a global Internet backbone with a uniform level of quality and service."


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* An IP network operated and managed according to a predefined routing policy.