Also Launches Asia Plus, a 24-hour Mandarin Entertainment Channel


Singapore, 23 December 2002 – Fans of Chinese entertainment can now look forward to more choices when selecting StarHub CableTV basic groups.


From 1 January 2003, StarHub CableTV will offer an additional basic group, bringing the number of its Basic Groups to six. The new sixth Basic Group -- Chinese Entertainment -- will be made up of a new channel, Asia Plus (Ch 49) and VV Entertainment (Ch 56). The existing Chinese Basic Group, comprising Phoenix Chinese Channel (Ch 50), MTV Mandarin (Ch 51), CTI TV (Ch 52) and TVBS-Asia (Ch 54), will be renamed as Chinese Infotainment.


Asia Plus is a new 24-hour Mandarin entertainment channel that will be launched on 1 January. It offers a variety of programmes, ranging from finance, technology and economic information to lifestyle and fashion, entertainment news, dramas, sports, music videos and concerts. Although it is a relatively new channel, it is already very well-received in the region as it is helmed by some of the top hosts in Taiwan, including Matilda Tao, Chang Hsiao-yen, Ah Liang, Mickey Huang and Bowie Tsang.


VV Entertainment, presently on the Premium tier with VV Drama (Ch 55), will join Asia Plus to form the new Chinese Entertainment basic group. VV Entertainment features Chinese and foreign language movies, the latest and hottest variety shows and animation series. The channel also features popular Taiwanese, Korean and Japanese trendy dramas.


"Our customers will be pleased that they will soon have more choices at the entry level for StarHub CableTV. Presently, they select a minimum of three Basic Groups out of five. From next year, they will be able to make their selection from six Groups, all comprising quality international channels," said Ms Tham Loke Kheng, StarHub’s Senior Vice President of Consumer Marketing, Consumer Markets.


VV Drama to be available on Asia Tier


VV Drama, StarHub CableTV’s most popular Chinese channel, which features the latest dramas from Hong Kong, will be available on the Asia Tier from 1 January. Customers will only need to pay $8 monthly to be the first to catch the latest Hong Kong dramas on local television. Presently, they pay a monthly fee of $12 for both VV Drama and VV Entertainment.


The unbundling of VV Drama from VV Entertainment on the Premium Tier will make it more affordable for fans of either channel as fans of VV Entertainment will be able to enjoy the channel as part of a Basic Group, while VV Drama followers can take on the channel for a mere $8 monthly. "Our customers will have even more reason to enjoy Chinese entertainment on StarHub CableTV," said Ms Tham.


In addition, StarHub CableTV will be making some adjustments to its subscription rates from 1 January 2003. (Please refer to Editor’s Note.) Those interested in signing up can call StarHub CableTV’s 24-hour Customer Service Hotline at 6873 3333. Existing customers who would like to find out more can call 6873 7373.


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Editor’s Note:


StarHub CableTV’s new subscription plan from 1 January 2003




SUBSCRIPTION RATES (figures listed are before 4% GST)

Basic Groups

World News



BBC World


Any 3 Groups



Any 4 Groups



Any 5 Groups



All 6 Groups



Animal Planet

Discovery Channel

Discovery Travel & Adventure

National Geographic Channel


AXN Action TV

Hallmark Channel


STAR World


Cartoon Network


Chinese Infotainment


MTV Mandarin

Phoenix Chinese Channel


Chinese Entertainment

VV Entertainment

Asia Plus

Basic Groups

Chinese Plus


Jet TV

Per Group $6



STAR Sports


Per Group $8

Enhanced Channels


Disney Channel



Per Channel $4

Asia Channels





VV Drama


Per Channel $8

Premium Channels


STAR Movies



Per Channel $12

International Channels


Deutsche Welle

NHK World Premium

TV5 Monde

Bloomberg Television/ WorldNet

Per Channel $15