Personal Fixed Voice Service for Residential Homes Island-wide


Singapore, 26 December 2002 – From 27 December 2002, StarHub, Singapore’s innovative info-communications provider, will begin offering island-wide, Digital Voice, a personal fixed line voice service for residential homes. Together with MaxOnline and StarHub CableTV services, Digital Voice will finally allow subscribers to hub at home over StarHub’s sophisticated cable network for greater convenience, cost-savings and true convergence. Digital Voice also allows subscribers to own a personal telephone number for life.


"From the same cable point which delivers StarHub CableTV and MaxOnline services, consumers can now enjoy the convenience of using StarHub’s residential fixed-line phone service for their own personal use. This also means that they can enjoy the convenience of dealing with a one-stop service provider for multiple services. This becomes hassle-free and cost-effective as they also enjoy privileges from bundled services," said Mr Thomas Ee, Senior Vice President of StarHub Online Services.


Over the last few months, StarHub has upgraded its cable network to DOCSIS 1.1 (Data over Cable Service Interface Specification) which is a technology standard that allows broadband cable networks to accept voice transmissions. Using the normal cable point found in homes throughout Singapore, Digital Voice transmits voice services over StarHub’s broadband cable network. A new voice-enabled cable modem (called VeCM) is connected to the cable point. The VeCM allows a normal analogue phone to be plugged into the device in order to send and receive voice signals. The same modem is also used for broadband Internet access with MaxOnline.


Innovative Service Plans: A First in Singapore

For the first time in Singapore, StarHub offers a truly innovative service for fixed line residential homes. Digital Voice will offer subscribers the following benefits –

  1. "One Number For Life" No more hassles of changing your home telephone number every time you relocate;
  2. Single Cable Point – The convenience of receiving voice, data and cable TV services, all from one single source in the home;
  3. StarHub IDD Discounts – "Guaranteed Best IDD Rates". StarHub IDD calls made by Digital Voice subscribers will be charged at 50% off published rates for premium IDD008 calls and an additional 5% off prevailing promotional rates for IDD018 calls;
  4. Innovative Service Plans -
  • S$9.80 Per Month with 300 Minutes Free Local Call Time - subscribers will be charged S$9.80 per month with 300 minutes of free local call time;
  • Flat Usage Rate – Beyond the free 300 local minutes, Digital Voice will be charged at a single flat rate of S$0.007 (0.7 cents) per minute all day long;
  • Per Second Billing – Subscribers will be charged on a Per Second usage basis, instead of 30-second or 60-second usage blocks;
  • Call Time Rollover - Unused local call time per month can be ‘rolled over’ to the following month (rolled-over minutes must be used within the next month);

"Digital Voice allows customers to have a telephone number of their own for life, regardless of where they are in Singapore. It provides added convenience for customers as they move from place to place. Together with our innovative pricing plans, the best IDD deals in town, and the ability to hub with several services, Digital Voice offers true value and convenience for empowered customers throughout Singapore," added Mr Ee.


Digital Voice is available for all customers interested in obtaining a personal line of their own, although MaxOnline users will be able to get additional benefits and exciting promotions from hubbing the various StarHub services. There are currently 97,000 residential customers on the MaxOnline service. Those interested to find out more about or subscribe to the StarHub Digital Voice service can call our 24-hour sales subscription hotline at 6873 3333, log on to the website at or visit any of the four StarHub shops.


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What is required to be a Digital Voice subscriber?

To use the service, a cable point into the home is required. This cable point can be an unused cable point or an existing cable point used for StarHub CableTV and MaxOnline. Upon signing up, subscribers will be provided with a Voice-enabled Cable Modem (VeCM) that allows them access to high-speed broadband services (MaxOnline) as well as voice services (Digital Voice) on a single integrated unit. The VeCM is able to accept up to 2 phone lines.


What are the installation charges for Digital Voice?

  1. The installation fee is S$50 per VeCM.
  2. The service activation fee is S$150 per line (i.e. per phone number).

For new and existing MaxOnline subscribers (new and existing), all these charges will be waived. Note that depending on the layout of the home, telephone wiring may be required.


What basic services are available on Digital Voice?

The following basic services are available on Digital Voice:

  1. Local calls to fixed and mobile telephone lines (StarHub and other operators)
  2. IDD calls (StarHub and other operators)
  3. Operator Assisted IDD (1635)
  4. Directory Enquiry and Operator Assistance services (100)
  5. Faxing
  6. Local (1800) toll-free services
  7. Local (1900) premium services
  8. International Calling Card services
  9. Emergency Numbers (995, 999)

What enhanced value-added services are there for Digital Voice?

The following value-added services for Digital Voice are available –

  1. Caller ID Presentation
  2. Called ID Restriction
  3. Private Number Listing
  4. Pre-defined Incoming Calls
  5. Outgoing Call Barring
  6. Operator-controlled Outgoing Call Barring
  7. Incoming Call Barring
  8. Call Divert (not applicable for ported numbers)
  9. Follow-me Call Divert (not applicable for ported numbers)
  10. Call Waiting
  11. Three-Party Conference
  12. Multi-Party Conference
  13. Call Transfer
  14. Automatic Ring Back when Free (not applicable for ported numbers)
  15. Voice Mail

These enhanced services are charged at S$2 per month per VAS. For MaxOnline subscribers, they will receive a one-year continuous free usage on their selected VAS.


The activation fee for these enhanced services is charged at S$15 per VAS. For MaxOnline subscribers, the following VAS’ activation fee is waived:

  1. Caller ID
  2. Call Waiting
  3. Call Transfer
  4. Caller ID Restriction
  5. Private Number Listing

What number ranges StarHub will initially offer?

The number ranges start from 6726 xxxx and 6728 xxxx. Golden and silver numbers are available.


Is there number portability? How much does it cost to port an existing number?

Yes, existing fixed line numbers can be ported. Each number port is S$8/month.


Can you subscribe to Digital Voice alone?

Yes. However, customers will be able to benefit from cost-savings and hubbing opportunities by subscribing to MaxOnline.