Singapore, 2 January 2002 – StarHub, Singapore’s innovative info-communications provider, today announced a significant reduction in most of its IDD 018 rates for all residential and business customers. From today, StarHub customers will enjoy up to 51% in cost-savings off the previous rates.


In addition, StarHub IDD 018 customers will continue to enjoy Per Second Billing where they only need to pay for the actual duration of each call they make. With StarHub’s easy all-day pricing structure, customers need not grapple with peak and non-peak rates, multi-zonal pricing or higher IDD charges for calls made to a mobile line. Instead, customers just need to calculate the cost of each call to a fixed or mobile line at any time of the day. The new rate cuts apply to more than 240 destinations around the world, including popular destinations such as Australia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, UK and the US.


"These rate cuts are our way of saying ‘Thank You’ to our customers for their encouraging support in using StarHub IDD services for the past year. Given the current economic climate, the rate cuts are timely in helping our customers reduce their telecommunications expenditure. With up to 51% reduction off our old rates and through charging by the second, the new IDD 018 rates will translate into more savings for our customers. On top of that, IDD 018 also offers global coverage without compromising on call quality. In fact, we are delivering the best IDD deal in town," says Mr William Tan, General Manager, Voice Services at StarHub. "The cuts in IDD 018 rates reflect StarHub’s commitment to provide the best value and the most convenient international call service in the Singapore market."


The new rates reduction is the latest in a long string of unique packages that StarHub’s International Calling Services has been offering to its customers since its launch in April 2000. This includes the waiver of all charges for IDD 008 calls lasting less than 12 seconds.


StarHub has also committed 1% of the revenue earned from all IDD 018 and IDD 008 calls to the StarHub IDD Empowerment Fund. To date, this Fund has made significant contribution to the less fortunate in society by donating S$100,000 worth of wheel chairs to 21 community associations in Singapore as well as over S$100,000 worth of PCs, printers and basic necessities for over 750 children at 10 children’s homes.


The new IDD 018 rates apply to all StarHub International Calling services including:

  • StarHub Mobile (post-paid SIM);
  • StarHub Green (pre-paid SIM);
  • StarHub Fixed Lines;
  • StarHub International Calling Card (from Singapore to overseas only);
  • StarHub HomeConnect Card;
  • StarHub payphones and phone cards;
  • StarHub-registered SingTel Fixed Lines;
  • StarHub-registered SingTel mobile (post-paid SIM); and
  • StarHub-registered M1 mobile (post-paid SIM).

With the new low IDD 018 rates coming into effect, StarHub will cease to offer its IDD 018 weekend savings promotion from 2 January 2002 onwards.


- End -