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Singapore, 30 July 2002 - StarHub, Singapore’s leading provider of innovative infocommunications services, today shared details of the services and benefits consumers will soon enjoy, following its recent merger with SCV.


Consumers will be able to receive mobile phone services, cable TV services, Internet access services (broadband and dial-up), and international calling services from the new StarHub. In addition, the highly-anticipated local telephone services will be launched later this year over its residential high speed broadband network.


Business customers will continue to benefit from StarHub’s next-generation network services as well as differentiated IP-based applications and content, including broadband communication tools. The company will also provide a full suite of business services like Internet Access, Data networking, Voice, International Calling, Global Managed Services and Internet Exchange services.


The benefits of this merger to consumers are broadly grouped into four categories:

  • Convenience
  • New services
  • End-to-end service
  • Lower prices

The newly merged company, trading under the name StarHub, has total assets of S$2 billion and a combined staff strength of over 2,800.


"We aim to be the best source for entertainment, information and communications services in Singapore. Our customers can look forward to an endless stream of new services, greater convenience, and competitive prices that only a company with StarHub’s expansive service portfolio can deliver," said Mr Terry Clontz, President and CEO of StarHub.


Hubbing wherever and whenever

StarHub enables customers to surf the Net, send a message, chat with a friend, log-on to their office network, stream video clips, download music, or just watch their favourite shows on television. Away from home, StarHub’s mobile services keep them connected wherever they go. At the office, they are able to connect to an intelligent broadband network that offers high performance, security and reliability.


Mr Clontz added, "StarHub will use the convergence of new and evolving technologies to provide customers with seamless services wherever they are and whenever they choose to be informed, entertained, or to communicate. As customers begin to use multiple services from a single source, they are Hubbing, and StarHub keeps customers Hubbing in the communities of their choice."


Bundled offers

All existing StarHub and SCV customers will receive a "Hubbing" offer worth S$88, which they can use to redeem against any StarHub Mobile package (with a two-year contract plan), or against a new subscription for MaxTV or MaxOnline.


"This is the first of more benefits to come for customers of the new StarHub. We are offering this S$88 incentive to all our customers to encourage them to sample the full suite of services that we now provide," said Mr Yong Lum Sung, Chief Operating Officer who heads Consumer Markets at StarHub.


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