- Leading ISP Is First in Singapore to Distribute RealNetworks’ Innovative Personal Games Jukebox -


Singapore, 1 March 2002 – StarHub Internet today announced that it is the first ISP in Singapore to distribute RealArcade, RealNetworks’ innovative personal games jukebox for interactive online access on the Personal Computer desktop. RealNetworks is the world’s leading provider of multimedia content for the Internet.


RealArcade offers a unique and compelling way to discover, acquire and play PC games and brings together a wide array of games and services, in a single, easy-to-use environment for the players. RealArcade offers full-version digital downloads, free online Web games, streaming games, and massively-multiplayer games.

Features - such as the download/installation management system, the automatic checking of systems requirements, and the integrated e-commerce platform - make acquiring these games an easy and reliable experience. Integrated game manuals, message boards, user ratings, chat rooms and multi-player matching also enable RealArcade users to play their games with greater ease and knowledge.


Said Mr David Ho, Assistant Vice President, Product Marketing, StarHub Internet, "RealArcade has become a truly innovative platform that is user-friendly for the delivery of PC games. By being the first ISP to work with RealNetworks to introduce RealArcade StarHub Internet is bringing to consumers in Singapore a greater incentive towards adopting an interactive e-lifestyle. StarHub is dedicated to developing an interactive online entertainment environment and content for Internet users and we’re excited of the opportunities that RealArcade represents."


Gamut of games

RealArcade boasts over 200 games ranging from action and simulation games to strategy and classic board games. Gamers can download and demo any of the games for free, but will need to purchase the game in order to play the full version. The RealArcade player, which is free, will be made available through StarHub’s online gaming portal (http://gaming.starhub.net.sg) and through its revolutionary Surf-For-Free Internet starter kits.


"As one of the leading ISPs in Singapore, StarHub Internet has shown a tremendous commitment to delivering value-added Internet content that is highly-sought after. We have every confidence that through StarHub Internet's efforts, RealArcade will become the industry-standard in Singapore," said Mr N T Phua, General Manager for South Asia, Real Networks Singapore.


Minimum system requirements are as follows: Windows 95OSR2/98/2000/ME; 266MHz Pentium II processor; 32MB RAM (more RAM recommended for slower computers); 35MB free hard disk space; 28.8K Modem (56K recommended); 16-bit color video card with 4MB RAM (3D hardware recommended); 100% SoundBlaster compatible sound card and speakers. Internet Explorer ® 4.0 or above, and RealPlayer 7.0 or higher is also required.