Singapore, 7 March 2002 -- StarHub, Singapore’s innovative info-communications provider, has today inked an agreement with Korea’s mobile operator, SK Telecom, to provide seamless GSM roaming in their CDMA environment. This means that Singaporeans planning to visit or watch the 2002 FIFA World Cup in Korea can just pop into a StarHub Shop, pick up a CDMA handset, insert in their StarHub SIM card and be prepared to receive or make calls immediately when they land in Korea.


Said Mr Chan Kin Hung, Vice President, StarHub Mobile, "StarHub Mobile is pleased to tie up with SK Telecom to provide this new innovative service. We are the first mobile operator in Singapore to introduce seamless GSM SIM card roaming in a CDMA environment. StarHub mobile customers no longer have to go through complicated steps to divert their calls to a CDMA handset when they visit Korea. Instead, they just need a CDMA with a GSM-SIM slot handset. StarHub Mobile has just made it easier and more convenient for our mobile customers to roam in Korea."


Mr Wonil Lim, Vice President of SK Telecom, said, "Even though we are rapidly expanding inter-CDMA roaming in the Asia-Pacific region, 70% of all cellular users belong to the GSM world. Korea is hosting the 2002 FIFA World Cup event in the coming months and the expected surge in visitors are mostly from GSM countries. For them, GSM-CDMA inter-standard roaming is a must and this will definitely generate more revenue and customer satisfaction to both the GSM and CDMA worlds. We really appreciate this great achievement by StarHub and SK Telecom."


Currently, StarHub Mobile and SK Telecom are conducting roaming tests and an internal trial will be carried out soon after. This new innovative service is slated for launch in April 2002, way before the World Cup matches start in end May. CDMA handsets will be made available for rental at StarHub Shops soon. Cost of rental will be made known at a later date.


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