-Mobile Customers Able To Get Football Scores And Full Story As Well -


Singapore, 20 May 2002 – StarHub,  Singapore’s innovative info-communications provider, today announced that its Gee!1 subscribers can now automatically receive real-time 2002 World Cup news and scores alerts via their GPRS handsets2. This service is based on the latest WAP push technology, and is available to all Gee! customers who sign up for the service from tomorrow.


StarHub mobile customers can now be alerted on World Cup news – not only whenever a goal is scored but also get to read the full story leading to that goal! This automatic information and news alert service means that StarHub customers need not constantly log onto their mobile phones or devices to keep up with the development of the matches especially when they are working in the daytime. Instead, they will receive an alert whenever a goal is scored – informing them of the match results and to read the full story with the simple click of a button.


"We know that a lot of our customers are football fans. During the 2002 World Cup season, they not only want the score results but up to the minute football news as well," said Mr Chan Kin Hung, Vice President, StarHub Mobile. "By being the first to offer this innovative mobile service, our customers will be able to get the latest World Cup football results or news anytime, anywhere in Singapore in real-time. Those who miss a match need not wait to read the news on tomorrow’s papers. They will be able to share the joys of the goals being scored with their fellow soccer fans immediately."


The main benefits of this service are as follow:

  • Customers do not need to constantly log on to receive the latest World Cup news
  • They are able to immediately read the exhilarating news and real-time game development
  • With a click of a button, customers will be able to view the content without having to scroll through directories and access links.

Alternatively, StarHub post-paid mobile customers, who are not Gee! subscribers, can opt to receive SMS (Short Message Service) Alerts instead. Likewise, they will be alerted whenever a goal is scored. However, they will not be able to read about the exciting developments leading to the goal.


To receive World Cup Live Updates3 through Gee! or SMS, there is a one-time registration fee of S$5. However, as a special treat to StarHub football fans, the first 1000 subscribers to this new service will not have to pay the S$5 registration fee.


World Cup SMS Games & Downloads

Besides the innovative alert and news service, StarHub will also be offering World Cup SMS Games and Downloads. StarHub football fans can download World Cup ringtones (e.g. Boom – the World Cup theme song) as well as pictures of their favorite football stars. Currently, there are over 180 World Cup downloads to choose from (icons, logos, ringtones, picture messages. Charges range between S$0.55 to S$1.20.


Between the real World Cup matches, StarHub post-paid mobile customers will also be able to play World Cup related SMS games like World Cup Trivia, World Cup Predictor and World Cup Striker. World Cup Trivia is a multiple-choice game that allows the customer to challenge his friends on World Cup football knowledge. World Cup Predictor challenges the customer to predict all 64 World Cup 2002 winners, and World Cup Striker is a role-playing game that enables the customer to select the football team and battle opponents using a series of attack and defense codes, creating literally thousands of possible moves and combination. Each SMS sent for these SMS games costs $0.15.



Editor’s Notes

  1. Gee! is StarHub’s full suite of mobile data services that runs on its GSM and GPRS networks. Gee! Lite & Gee! Value are StarHub’s mobile data plans. The plans allow subscriber to access Gee! via GPRS or CSD (Circuit-Switched Data). Gee! Lite has no monthly subscription fee and is a pay-as-you-go plan while Gee! Value has a monthly subscription of $10 but enjoys $20 worth of bundled data usage. Usage for both plans are charged at $0.005 per kilobyte.
  2. The following GPRS handsets have been tested & support the innovative StarHub service –Ericsson T68 & T68i, Nokia 5210, 6510, 8310 & 8910, and Siemens C45. Please visit www.starhub.com.sg/mobile/worldcup_liveupdates.html for more instruction on setting up your phone.
  3. For WAP over GPRS users who access the WAP sites, they will be charged $0.005 per kilobyte used, and WAP over CSD users will be charged $0.15 per minute. For SMS users, they will be charged $0.05 per message sent.


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