Daily Questions Added To 12,000-Plus Database;12,000 Players Can Compete Simultaneously


Singapore, 30 May 2002 – If you are an avid trivia buff, then StarHub Internet’s new game – Quizquiz – may be just the thing for you! Launched today in partnership with Nexon Asia, a leading international game developer and pioneer in the world of massively-multiplayer online games, Quizquiz challenges players to become the smartest and most fashionable virtual character on the Internet.


More than 12,000 gamers can compete simultaneously to find out who is the best trivia expert in Singapore. Through eight general knowledge and strategy categories, players will earn IQ points and virtual cash in order to dress up their virtual character. Higher IQ points give players access to a larger database of virtual clothes while virtual cash is used to purchase these accessories. The Quizquiz database currently boasts over 12,000 questions and new ones are added daily. In addition, there is also a chat room where players can gather to discuss strategies or share knowledge. Players will also have access to their opponents’ profile and quiz records.


"Trivia games have always been popular with families and casual gamers and with Quizquiz, we will definitely be a trivia buff’s dream," said Mr David Ho, Assistant Vice President, Consumer IP Services, StarHub Internet. "Together with our other game offerings, we are clearly demonstrating our commitment towards making StarHub Internet the entertainment focus of Singapore’s online community. We will certainly continue to work with our world-class partners in creating truly interactive IP-based multimedia content and applications for the future."


Mr Ho revealed that since the release of the beta version on 1 March 2002, Quizquiz attracted over 24,000 participants in Singapore. In addition, Quizquiz has attracted a sizeable number of female gamers, making up half of Quizquiz’s total gaming base. Singapore will also be the first country in the world to have the English-language version of Quizquiz. Since the game was released in Korea and Japan in their respective languages in 2001, Quizquiz has garnered over a total of 150,000 users.


Distribution Details

  • Quizquiz can be downloaded for free at http://gaming.starhub.net.sg and www.quizquiz.com.sg. The initial installation will give gamers five days of gameplay time and they will need to purchase Game Key Codes (@ S$15.00 per code for 60 consecutive days of gameplay time) through Nexon Asia’s secure credit card payment gateway in order to continue playing.
  • Gamers can also purchase Quizquiz on CD-ROM for S$3.00 at all StarHub shops, selected Popular Bookstores and Comics Connections stores. The initial installation will give gamers five days of gameplay time and they will need to purchase Game Cards (@ S$15.00 per card for 60 consecutive days of gameplay time) to continue playing the game.
  • In addition, avid fans of Quizquiz can purchase a limited Quizquiz Collector’s Edition Box Set. Retailing for S$29.95, the package comes witha special tin casing and contains the CD-ROM with five days of free gameplay, one Game Card for 60 consecutive days of gameplay, user manual, specially-designed mouse pad, fun stickers and postcards.
  • In future, gamers will be able to pay through StarHub Internet’s billing system (Access and Mail-Plan Users only). The subscription is S$15.00 for 60 consecutive days.

"Fully created in Asia, Quizquiz is the coolest online quiz game for the smart and savvy. Combining general knowledge questions with a keen sense of style, Quizquiz instills the essence of fun and excitement in a truly virtual learning environment!" said Mr Henry Pan, Director, Nexon Asia.


Minimum requirements are as follows: Pentium II 166Mhz, 64MB RAM, Windows 95/98, 150MB of hard disk space and a 33.6kbps or better modem.


- End -


To celebrate the commercial launch of Quizquiz, StarHub Internet and Nexon Asia will be organising the Quizquiz Online Game Show. Starting in June, participants will be quizzed on movies, music and sports in order to win attractive prizes worth up to S$100,000. Interested contestants will just need to purchase a Game Card and log online to compete. More information at http://gaming.starhub.net.sgand www.quizquiz.com.sg.