i.Mail’s Enhanced E-mail Service and MyDomain’s Virtual Domain E-mail Service Add Tremendous Value to StarHub’s Hubbing Customers


Singapore, 20 November 2002 – StarHub, Singapore’s leading info-communications provider, today announced two value-added e-mail services – i.Mail and MyDomain - that demonstrate the tremendous power that hubbing can bring to StarHub customers.


i.Mail is an enhanced e-mail service that enables users to operate on a single, unified e-mail platform so that they can access all their mobile and Internet e-mails at a central storage point and retrieve them on a variety of communication devices. MyDomain is a virtual domain e-mail service that allows customers to personalise their own StarHub e-mail address with a global (e.g. .com, .net or .org) domain name. They can also create up to three e-mail aliases for their various uses.


By extending StarHub’s e-mail plans to enable these services, StarHub customers will be able to work more effectively, with better responsiveness to friends, colleagues and business associates. i.Mail and MyDomain mark StarHub’s first phase in an overall unified communications strategy that will help customers realise the benefits of hubbing. StarHub’s aggressive roadmap includes plans to unify all the various communications tools such as e-mail, fax, SMS and voicemail onto a central platform.


i.Mail Enhanced E-mail Service

i.Mail is an enhanced e-mail service which will equip users with a StarHub e-mail account that operates on a single, unified e-mail platform. This means that users can access all their mobile and Internet e-mails at a central storage point, retrieve them on a variety of communication devices (such as WAP/GPRS-enabled mobile phones, laptops or PCs) and hence manage their communications needs more efficiently. They will also have a single user ID and password to access their e-mails instead of having to juggle with separate identities for both mobile and Internet e-mails.


i.Mail customers will also benefit from features like a one-click WAP login system for their mobile phones, a 6MB POP3 e-mail account and e-mail forwarding capabilities. (Please see Editor’s Note for the full range of i.Mail features).


MyDomain Virtual Domain E-mail Service

StarHub also introduces MyDomain, a virtual domain e-mail service that will allow customers to personalise their StarHub e-mail address with a global (e.g. .com, .net or .org) domain name. They can also create up to three e-mail aliases for their various uses. For example, a customer can register his domain name as "tan-family.com" and create up to three e-mail aliases such as john@tan-family.com, business@tan-family.com and kids@tan-family.com. In addition, MyDomain includes all the functionalities of i.Mail.


This service will particularly appeal to entrepreneurs who are able to register a domain name using a company name and personalise up to three different virtual e-mail addresses to serve different purposes (such as sales enquiry, accounts, and feedback). This way they will be able to better organise and manage their office operations. And with a global virtual domain e-mail name, their company will be seen to have a global presence and a distinctive corporate identity.


i.Mail and MyDomain Subscription Plans

  • i.Mail is open to all new StarHub iPower, Gee! GPRS, StarHub Internet and MaxOnline customers now. For pricing, please log onto https://www.starhub.com. All customers of existing StarHub Mobile iPower, Gee! GPRS and StarHub Internet e-mail plans will be upgraded to i.Mail automatically.
  • MyDomain is exclusively open to all MaxOnline customers from 21 November to 31 December 2002. For new subscribers of MaxOnline, they will get an exclusive one-year free MyDomain subscription which includes the i.Mail package. During this limited time, they will also receive a free Hewlett-Packard PSC 750 all-in-one printer, scanner, copier machine worth S$449.
  • For customers who are currently on MaxOnline, they can redeem their free one-year subscription with 350 StarHub Rewards Points.
  • Existing customers of other StarHub e-mail plans may convert their existing plans to MyDomain as well. For more information, log onto http://www.starhub.com.
  • From 1 January 2003 onwards, MyDomain (which includes the i.Mail package) will be offered to all StarHub customers at S$75.60 per year with a one-time registration fee of $10.50.

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Features of i.Mail

Customers on i.Mail will receive the following benefits -

  • Easy Access: Access their starhub.net.sg e-mails on local PCs (POP3), on PCs with Internet access or WAP/GPRS-enabled mobile phones;
  • One-click WAP Login: Users (includes non-StarHub Mobile customers) are able to access their mailbox through a one-click login by directing their mobile phone browser to the designated URL without keying in their user ID and password;
  • POP3 Account: Users can enjoy a 6MB of dedicated e-mail space with quick access via Microsoft Outlook/Netscape Messenger;
  • Address Book: Users can search and import records from MS Outlook / MS Outlook Express / Netscape Messenger into i.Mail’s Web/WAP global address book;
  • Filtering: Users will be able to forward their incoming e-mails to designated folders;
  • Custom Folders: Users are able to create personalised folders to manage their incoming e-mails;
  • Signatures: Users can sign off their e-mails with creative signatures;
  • Pager Alerts: Users can create and modify a set of pre-defined rules through an interface, to receive alerts via paging whenever they receive any e-mails;
  • Vacation E-mail: Users can set an optional automated customised reply to senders when on vacation.

i.Mail customers who are also StarHub Mobile customers will enjoy the following benefits:

  • E-mail Forwarding: Users will be able to forward their incoming e-mails to their SMS or PC e-mail client (they must first be subscribed to smsEmail);
  • SMS Alerts: Users will be able to receive e-mail alerts via SMS.