Singapore, 10 October 2002 – Dinosaur-hunting, bike-racing, slam-dunking and body-slamming…  


Console gamers will have the chance to witness a fair bit of online action at Singapore’s first-ever Console Game Challenge organised by e-station.  Funan the IT Mall will be converted into a gamer’s paradise from 11 to 13 October 2002.  Over the three-day event, close to a hundred gaming enthusiasts will compete in one of the following:

  • Turok: Evolution – An epic adventure of exploration, treachery and war set against a backdrop of lush jungles, mysterious temples and the most realistic and deadly array of dinosaurs ever to be created in a video game.
  • MotoGP – Race on real-world bikes in realistic adverse weather conditions such as fog and rain.  Pit against the world's elite motorcycle riders in a four-player mode, as well as a choice of three classes of races, 20 real tracks and five challenging modes of gameplay.
  • Street Hoops – A street-style basketball game that encompasses the look, speed, energy and attitude of park/playground blacktop competition allowing players to compete in a nationwide tournament representing their hometown on the most notorious street courts in the nation.
  • WWE Smackdown – Enjoy the revolutionary brawling action of SmackDown! With unsurpassed graphics and effects, including smooth skin textures and realistic lighting and shadows.

“e-station is proud to be the first to bring to console game enthusiasts, a gaming platform like this.  By leveraging on the real-time factor of the online world, Singaporeans will be able to learn new skills and make new friends by playing these interactive games. This is in line with our vision to be a one-stop location where the Internet is the focal point for work and play, for training and education as well as entertainment pursuits,” said Mr Chong Kum Kee, General Manager of e-station.


The official partners for the event are Replay Interactive and Icon Pte Ltd. Game publishers Acclaim, THQ and Activision will provide the games. 


Registration has since closed and close to a hundred participants signed up either for the Individual Challenge or Team Challenge (see Editor’s Note).  Winners of the Team Challenge will bring home a S$600 bounty and a trophy, whereas the winner of the Individual Challenge will win S$300 and a trophy.  The first and second runners-up in both categories will also be given trophies and gaming products worth up to S$3,000.


e-station was the national host for The 1st World Cyber Games preliminary competition in Singapore last year, putting it on the global map in the cyber world community.  To date, it boasts more than 400 state-of-the-art LCD terminals, fast Internet transmission speeds and an intelligent e-card tracking system.


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Registration Method:

- Personally sign-up at I-Con /e-station, or
- Via on-line registration at (with VISA / MASTER Credit or Debit card)


Registration Fees:
Individual Challenge
- $12 (Non-Member)
- $10 (I-Con / e-station / e-League-Affiliate Clan Member)


Team Challenge (2v2)
- $20 (Non-Member)
- $18 (I-Con / e-station / e-League-Affiliate Clan Member)


Competitions within each Game station will be conducted as follows –

MotoGP is linkable on up to 16 Xbox systems.   However, there will only be eight sets used during the competition so that all eight players per group (in the team category) and four players (in the individual category) can be racing against one another simultaneously.


Wrestlemania X8 & SmackDown
These two games will constitute the wrestling station whereby there will be a 1-on-1 (or 2-on-2) round-robin match.


Winning Eleven VI (soccer) & Street Hoops (Basketball)

Soccer and basketball games will be conducted on a 2-on-2 round-robin fashion.


This will be done via a 1-on-1 death match.  Each player in a team (or individual players) will be split up to compete against the rest of the opponents on a round-robin basis.


Rules and regulations:
Wrestlemania X8
- Individual challenges will be carried out on a 1-on-1 basis; Team Challenge will be on a 2-on-2 basis.
- Rules will be on default settings, and the match mode is normal.
- Winner will be declared when a pinfall occurs


- Track used is Suzuka.
- Weather is set for Sunny.
- There will be three laps (depending on turnout).
- Four individual or eight members for the four teams will race at the same time


Street Hoops
- Set to default settings on the quick start menu.
- All rules from a standard basketball game applies