~ New ‘On-Demand’ Storage Infrastructure Enables Asian Businesses to Store Vital Data Off-Site Securely and Cost-Effectively ~


Singapore, 11 October 2002 - Pihana Pacific, the leading provider of managed e-infrastructure services, and StarHub, Singapore’s leading info-communications provider, today launched an innovative, network-based data storage service, for Singapore businesses that require fast, reliable and secure remote data storage solutions for their mission critical applications.


Both companies will offer customers high-speed scaleable bandwidth with three categories of managed storage services, all of which are highly customisable in meeting different scenarios and requirements -

  • Network Attached Storage (NAS) - Provides universal and simultaneous access to stored data distributed across a number of servers and storage devices;
  • Storage Area Network over IP (IP- SAN) - A fully redundant and scaleable primary storage system that provides ubiquitous and continuous access to company data;
  • Backup and Restore - Ensures the integrity of the backup process and the recoverability of data.

Network access will be provided through StarHub’s ATM service as well as StarHub IP.Q, Singapore’s first metropolitan Ethernet service that offers scaleable bandwidth and the ability to prioritise traffic via MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) technology.


By subscribing to Pihana’s storage solutions and StarHub’s high-speed data network solutions, customers can access their storage infrastructure anywhere on the StarHub data network. Customers are charged for the storage service on a monthly, per-gigabyte basis, which means the price they pay is based purely on the amount of storage capacity they use to meet the needs of their business.


In addition, the managed storage solutions offered by Pihana and StarHub have been specifically designed to meet all the storage needs of businesses and to address their concerns such as availability, security and pricing. Benefits of the solutions include improved data access and storage efficiency, and increased IT staff productivity by leveraging the experience and capabilities of two high-quality service providers.


Data Storage Becoming Critical, Says IDC

According to a survey conducted by IDC across 2,600 Asia-Pacific-based companies, data storage is one of the most important areas of concern identified by Asian businesses. IDC has found that corporate storage requirements are set to grow more than eight-fold in the next four years - from over 7,000 terabytes today to about 60,000 terabytes by 2006.


The demand for network-based managed storage is driven by the increasing volume of data generated in today’s e-business environment as well as the applications supporting internal business processes. Data is essential for increasing a company’s productivity and differentiating itself in the marketplace and enterprises must have a storage infrastructure that ensures access to information at any given moment - one that provides the security, reliability, and availability their business demands.


"Storage is one issue that businesses throughout the Asia-Pacific region are having to confront," said Graham Penn of IDC Sydney. "As the increase in digital transactions and the sheer quantity of data generated by each business grows, companies are finding that they need to invest in storage solutions to ensure that critical information is retained and maintained. Outsourcing storage to a third party is one path that many businesses may well follow in the future."


According to Richard Kalbrener, president and CEO of Pihana Pacific, "The launch of this new data storage service is timely as the IDC survey shows. We are facing a huge increase in demand for storage facilities and we at Pihana, together with StarHub are rising to the challenge to deliver storage on-demand in the most efficient and cost-effective way."


Andrew Grenville, vice president for product marketing and management, Business Markets, StarHub said, "StarHub has listened to our customer’s requirements and is now able to deliver this value-added service targeted at those business who see the criticality of backed-up information. StarHub IP.Q and ATM services provide customers with scaleable bandwidth speeds so that they can expand their bandwidth requirements gradually as their business grow. We all now recognise that having the capacity to protect your data is vital to the survival of your business."


For business inquiries, please contact Pihana at (+65) 6317 0696 or StarHub at business@starhub.com.sg or call 1800-888 8888.

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