Singapore, 28 October 2002 - Internet surfers can now enjoy the freedom of wireless surfing through MaxOnline.


By plugging a wireless access point to their cable modem and connecting a wireless card to their laptop, MaxOnline customers can now move their laptop around the house and still enjoy broadband Internet access. And for those customers with only a cable point in the living room, they can still have access to MaxOnline even if their desktop computer is in the study or bedroom.


To do all that, MaxOnline customers can choose one of two solutions that MaxOnline is offering at a promotional price: the Wireless PC Card solution ($138) and Wireless USB External Card solution ($178).


"It is every Internet user's dream to be able to enjoy the mobility of wireless surfing. However, the upfront hardware investment in wireless devices is often high. This promotional offer takes away that initial pain and is the result of StarHub investing in the right technology and working with the right partner. This is in line with our aim to make new product enhancements affordable for our customers," said Tham Loke Kheng, StarHub's head of consumer marketing.


This promotion is open from now to 8 Nov to all new and current MaxOnline customers.


This offer is going to appeal especially to MaxOnline customers living in landed homes as many have often asked about wireless solutions. Now they don't have to be bound to a corner of the house where the cable point is just to surf via MaxOnline. If they like, they can even surf on their laptops in the garden.


StarHub is confident that innovative offerings like these will further boost the landed home penetration rate. The company recently found its 40,000th landed home subscriber, driving the penetration rate up to 67%.


"With more product enhancements coming up, we are confident that the take-up rate -- not just in the landed home segment -- but across housing types, will increase further," added Ms Tham.


Wireless surfing options by StarHub extend beyond the home. Connecting via StarHub's island-wide GPRS network, MaxOnline customers on the move can enjoy mobility and flexibility with a wireless outdoor solution. All they need to do is buy the Wireless Outdoor Solution at $248 and sign up for StarHub's GEE! Unlimited Plan (GPRS).


MaxOnline customers on any wireless package will also get to enjoy wireless broadband Internet access at StarHub's Wireless Broadband Hub at Suntec City by subscribing to a wireless broadband plan at a 50% discount.


These customers will also be able to have access to other Wireless Broadband Hubs to be launched soon.


"This is just one demonstration of hubbing from StarHub. There will be more ways to hub coming up, so be on the lookout for what's next," said Ms Tham.


Those interested in the above promotions can call StarHub's 24-hour hotline at 6873-3333 or visit the website at


MaxOnline's wireless solutions

Wireless PC Card Solution

Price: $138

Package includes: A Linksys WAP11 wireless access point and a Linksys WPC11 wireless PC card.

Savings: $300 off the retail price.


Wireless USB External Card Solution

Price: $178

Package: A Linksys WAP11 wireless access point and a Linksys WUSB11 USB external wireless card.

Savings: $290 off the retail price.


Wireless Outdoor Solution

Price: $248

Package includes: A Linksys WAP11 wireless access point and a Nokia D211 GPRS/wireless LAN card

Savings: $629 off the retail price.


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