Agreement Reached with Satelindo to Provide Internet Connectivity in Indonesia Via StarHub Global IP Transit Service


Singapore, 15 April 2003 - StarHub, Singapore's leading info-communications provider, and Satelindo, Indonesia's largest private satellite operator, today announced that they have reached an agreement to market and sell StarHub Global IP Transit Services in Indonesia.


Satelindo, which manages the Palapa C2 Satellite network, will interconnect with StarHub's Tier One gigabit IP network to offer Internet connectivity to its customers. While primarily targeted at retail, wholesale and foreign multi-national corporations based in Indonesia, StarHub's own customers in Singapore will also benefit from this partnership by having access to Indonesia through one of the largest IP-over-satellite networks in Southeast Asia.


"We're delighted to work with Satelindo, which over the years has established themselves as Southeast Asia's eminent satellite network operator," said Mr Mike Reynolds, Senior Vice President of StarHub's Business Markets. "This partnership leverages the strengths of both companies - Satelindo's extensive infrastructure and intimate business knowledge in Indonesia, and StarHub Global IP network. This co-operative agreement also signals the first in a series of initiatives by StarHub to expand its core business audience into other countries."


"By this exclusive cooperation, we expect that we will increase our competitive edge as we will be able to offer improved services, thus allowing us to enhance our relationships with our customers," said Mr Djoko Prajitno, Senior Executive Vice President, Satellite and International, Satelindo.


Palapa C, the third generation of the Palapa satellite system, is owned and operated by PT Satelit Palapa Indonesia, also known as Satelindo. The Palapa satellite footprint covers more than 35 countries in Asia-Pacific. Satelindo provides full or partial transponder capacity for analog and digital carriers, with 99.98% reliability and uninterrupted services.


Palapa C is a high-power geo-stationary satellite at an orbital location of 113 degree E. It has a powerful 24 C-band transponder (with a peak level of 40 dBW) with a switchable beam that can target any desired location in the Asia-Pacific region. It also has a powerful 4 Ku-Band transponder (with a peak level of 51 dBW) with a switchable beam covering North and South Asia.


Satelindo is the first satellite operator in Asia-Pacific to be ISO 9002 (1997) certified and has so far maintained this quality assurance, with the current ISO 90001 (2000) certification.


StarHub, in alliance with NTT Com and Verio, runs the largest Tier-One IP network in Asia-Pacific. As part of the NTT/VERIO Global IP Network, StarHub's gigabit IP network offers customers connections to major ISPs in Asia, North America, Europe, and Oceania while providing industry-leading global service-level agreements (SLAs).


The network currently offers 5.4Gbps capacity within Asia-Pacific, 13.5Gbps trans-Pacific and 1.9Gbps trans-Atlantic. It has seven nodes in Asia (Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, Taiwan and Korea) and over 30 nodes in the US and Europe. Through StarHub Global IP Network, ISPs, MNCs and content providers will be able to route their Asia-Pacific IP traffic within Asia-Pacific.


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