Fun And Exciting Service Enables Non-MMS Phones To Send MMS -


Singapore, 20 August 2003 - From tomorrow, all StarHub Mobile customers will be able to send MMS without an MMS-enabled handset! With "Magic Msg", all they need is a basic SMS-enabled handset. When the user sends an SMS to their friends, Magic Msg will automatically convert it to an MMS and select a compelling and relevant cartoon character such as Garfield and South Park to go with the message.


This first-in-market visual messaging service is only available to both StarHub prepaid and postpaid mobile users. The messages can be sent to customers on all local mobile operators' networks*.


"With Magic Msg, we are enabling hundreds of thousands of StarHub customers to send fun MMS to their friends with their non MMS-enabled handsets. Our MMS traffic has doubled since the beginning of this year. This is very encouraging and Magic Msg will further fuel that growth," said Mr Chan Kin Hung, Senior Vice President, StarHub Mobile.


"Magic Msg is a unique and fun visual messaging service that will bring a smile to our mobile customers. All they need is a basic SMS-enabled handset to enjoy this simple and easy-to-use service. Our customers will be able to surprise their friends by expressing their feelings in their messages with hip images. This is yet another innovative service from StarHub that empowers our mobile customers to express their individuality."


Users have a choice of either sending a Magic MMS or Magic SMS to their friends, families or loved ones. Simply compose the message as an SMS and send to 2100 for Magic MMS and 2200 for Magic SMS. The message will subsequently be converted and sent to the user's specified contact number along with a cute cartoon graphic or funky animation. Each Magic SMS sent cost 31.2 cents (inclusive of GST) and each Magic MMS sent cost 72.8 cents (inclusive of GST).


Mr Adam Lavine, CEO FunMail, the US company that provided the Magic Msg technology, said, "FunMail is pleased to partner with StarHub. Its decision to market the Magic Msg service is a clear indication of their commitment to offer subscribers a choice of innovative data services. Clearly, StarHub is taking a leadership position and FunMail is excited to assist them in their efforts."


Besides characters from Garfield and South Park, users can also expect other fun characters like Snufflebears, Jungle Jimmy, Sugar Puff and MC Snow. In fact, they have the ability to pick their favorite character to go with their messages.


*To successfully receive the Magic MMS, the recipient needs to be using a compatible phone and has his MMS service activated. To successfully receive the Magic SMS, the recipient needs to be using a compatible phone.