Singapore, 2 June 2003 - Insects are often despised, screamed at, even stepped on. But starting today these often misunderstood creatures will be the stars of a learning adventure held at 20 primary schools.  


This learning adventure, Insects from Hell, is organised by StarHub CableTV's Creative Classroom and supported by the National Geographic Channel.


Jake Willers, host of TV series Insects from Hell, has flown in from the UK to share his passion about insects and show how they aren't as annoying as we often make them out to be.


In schools with Jake will be 10 live, crawling gigantic beetles, scorpions, millipedes and spiders.


Jake said "Most of the time, insects are portrayed as pests because they're usually ugly, can be weird and have lots of legs. But I hope that after this learning adventure and watching Insects from Hell, the children will gain a fascination and a real understanding of insects." 


At the learning adventure, Jake will explain how some insects play a vital role in the world around us and even provide the cure to certain diseases.


"The creepy crawlies that we bring to schools are not commonly found on public display in Singapore so this is a rare chance for students to see them up close and ask Jake, the insect expert, about the peculiarities of different species," said Miss Vivien Chiong, Director of Consumer Markets in StarHub.


"This learning adventure is extended onto our website where students can do further research on bugs and even put their knowledge to the test. We have also designed informational posters on insects and given them to all schools. All these are in line with Creative Classroom's mission of promoting creative learning in schools," added Miss Chiong.


To complete the learning experience, students can watch Insects from Hell, a six-part series which will premiere on 5 June 2003, at 8 pm on National Geographic Channel (StarHub CableTV Ch 11).