Singapore, 9 May 2003 -- StarHub is a winner thrice over in the prestigious Model Workers Award 2003!  All three StarHub nominees have won in this annual Award to recognise the contributions of outstanding and deserving workers.

The three winners from StarHub are:


1. Ms Karen Ng - Customer Service Manager,

2. Mr Patrick Neo - Shop Manager, and

3. Mr Vincent Lew - Assistant Shop Manager.


An initiative of The National Trades Union Congress (NTUC), the Award this year recognises the good work of 100 model workers in the retail and textile industry. A selection panel formed by the organising committee selected the 100 winners from the nominees.


The presentation ceremony will be held on 10 May at the Grand Ballroom, Orchid Country Club as part of NTUC’s May Day celebrations this year. The winners will receive a plaque of commendation and certificate from Deputy Prime Minister, Dr Tony Tan, and can also look forward to an incentive trip this year.


"At StarHub, we believe that our staff have to be passionate and sincere about what they are doing and always remember that each and every single one of them is a customer champion. We believe that the winners and the presence of such awards will inspire all our staff to continue providing the right customer experience. We are proud of such exemplary staff who display passion, high standards, commitment and valuable contributions to their jobs and are willing to go the extra mile in delighting our valued customers," said Mr KC Lai, General Manager of Consumer Sales at StarHub.


StarHub’s Customer Champions

The wins are testament to StarHub’s quest for premium customer service quality. In November last year, StarHub also won in the Retail Courtesy Gold Award (two awards) and Excellent Service Awards (48 awards). These awards are testament to StarHub’s passion for quality service delivery to its customers at its StarHub shops and Customer Service Centres.

All of the Model Workers Award 2003 winners from StarHub are also no novice to such awards.


1. Ms Karen Ng was StarHub’s Star Award winner for the Excellent Service Awards 2002 and the sole Gold Award Winner for the Excellent Service Awards 2001. Having been with StarHub for over three years, she was instrumental in several service quality initiatives such as creating a tracking system for customer cases. With this tracking system, employees would be able to ensure that all customers’ requests were completed within the promised time-frame, by the on-duty staff. This fostered teamwork amongst the crew and also ensured a complete loop in terms of customer follow through. Karen was also commended by numerous customers on her professionalism as well as considerate, friendly and helpful service.


2. Mr Patrick Neo was a Gold Award Winner for the Excellent Service Awards 2002 and a Silver Award Winner for the Excellent Service Awards 2001. He put into place a Weekly Tracking Form and Call Details Record that helped improve operational flow and acted as a checklist for shops to resolve customer problems. Patrick’s technical expertise has also helped the company save resources when he used LAN (Local Area Network) to link up networks to eliminate manual key-ins of customer information at mega roadshows. As a Gee! (StarHub’s mobile data service) specialist, he mooted the idea of having a team of Gee! specialists to configure equipment and thus increased customer service satisfaction and levels.


3. Mr Vincent Lew was a Gold Award Winner for the Excellent Service Awards 2002 and a Silver Award Winner for the Excellent Service Awards 2001. He streamlined work processes in the shops with initiatives like implementing clear procedures for the purchase of cable modems for StarHub’s MaxOnline service. He also incorporated safety measures for the clear recording of cash collected by staff from a security company commissioned by StarHub to collect cash for delivery to banks. As a Gee! specialist, Vincent’s good product knowledge and technical expertise have also garnered him many accolades and letters of compliments from satisfied customers.


StarHub’s Passion for Excellent Service

The industry’s recognition of StarHub’s dedication and exhibited professionalism is in line with the company’s push towards providing the right customer experience for all its customers. StarHub’s two customer mobile clinics organised last year as a form of additional service for customers were very well-received as they served as platforms for fun-filled activities to entertain and reward customers.


StarHub customers will also be familiar with the personal touches that the company has put into its outlets like the Customer Service Centre at StarHub Centre. Whilst waiting for their turn in the queue, customers can enjoy StarHub Belgium chocolates, and candies and a variety of hot drinks such as tea and cappuccino. Such focus on details forms the cornerstone of StarHub’s customer service culture as its employees live by the credo of delighting and exceeding customers’ expectations.


Background - Model Workers Award

Since its inception in 1996, the Model Workers Award has celebrated the contributions of exemplary employees to recognise model workers in various sectors of the economy, as well as to show appreciation to workers in general.


Previous industry sectors selected for the award were public transport (1996), environment (1997), healthcare (1998), airport and seaport (1999), hospitality and tourism (2000), public utilities (2001) and construction and marine (2002). This is the first time the award is focusing on the retail and textile industry.


This year, the Award is supported and sponsored by the Retail Promotion Centre, Singapore National Employers Federation, Singapore Retailers Association, Textile and Fashion Federation Singapore.


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