Singapore, 21 October 2003 - Visitors to Singapore will soon be able to enjoy free access to StarHub's wireless broadband (or WiFi) network!


StarHub, Singapore's innovative info-communications provider today announced that from 27 October 2003, inbound mobile customers from over 120 countries (1) will just need to roam on the StarHub mobile network, to enjoy free access to StarHub's wireless broadband services. All they need to do to receive this value-added service, is a simple three-step process -


1. Select the StarHub mobile network on their handphones;

2. Dial *WIFI (i.e. *9434) for their password which they will receive via SMS;

3. Login with their WiFi-enabled laptop or PDA using their mobile number (as User ID) and the new password.


They can enjoy free wireless broadband services at all StarHub wireless hubs including Singapore Changi Airport, Suntec City and over 20 Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf® outlets (such as the Singapore Expo outlet) throughout Singapore, as long as they stay connected to the StarHub mobile network.


This initiative clearly establishes StarHub as an innovative and competitive info-communications provider that continues to strengthen Singapore's image as an international communications hub.


"One of StarHub's goals is to develop simple, easy-to-use services that add tremendous benefits and efficiencies to mobile users in Singapore and around the world," said Mr Chan Kin Hung, Senior Vice President of StarHub Mobile. "Coupled with our quality network coverage, Per Second Billing when making IDD 008 calls, the ability to connect to the inbound roamer's GPRS content on their home network (2), and Local Direct Call, this new service continues to enable our customers to enjoy significant value in their services with us."


For StarHub Gee! GPRS mobile customers, they already enjoy free wireless broadband access at StarHub wireless hubs and partner hotspots across the island since August 2003 by using their mobile number and Gee! account password when logging in. Now this service has been extended to international visitors to Singapore.


Wireless broadband is complementary in nature to GPRS, with wireless broadband offering the best speed where users need it most and GPRS the most ubiquitous coverage. The convergence of wireless broadband with mobile services empowers customers with the flexibility and convenience of accessing critical data efficiently - whether they are on the move or within a public wireless hub.


Said Mr Kyong Yu, Senior Vice President of StarHub Interactive, "This is a prime example of how hubbing can help customers get more value out of StarHub's convergence services - in this case, between fixed wireless and cellular. By leveraging on the vast population of inbound mobile roamers into Singapore, this service will undoubtedly spur the growth in wireless broadband adoption." Over half a million visitors enter Singapore every month.


StarHub has been leading the wireless broadband movement in Singapore, creating local marketing partnerships with local wireless ISPs such as 5G, Bluengine, Nautilus Networks and PC Connect. In addition, StarHub initiated the Wireless Broadband Alliance ( , the world's largest alliance of wireless broadband operators with the aim of enhancing customer experience while they use WiFi for their corporate needs. Members in the Alliance include Australia's Telstra, China Netcom, Korea Telecom, Malaysia's Maxis, UK's BT and T-Mobile and US' T-Mobile.


For more information on StarHub’s inbound roaming service, please go to -


Pre-Paid Wireless Access at Global Entrepolis @ Singapore

StarHub today also announced three special pre-paid wireless access packages just for use at Global Entrepolis @ Singapore, the Enterprise, Innovation and Technology Exchange exhibition, to be held at Suntec Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre.


From 27 October 2003 to 1 November 2003, wireless users will be able to have unlimited wireless broadband access at all StarHub and partner hotspots - encompassing over 280 locations across the island - through these three special pre-paid wireless packages (valid for the duration of the exhibition).

  • A 6-day unlimited wireless package costs S$105.00;
  • A 3-day unlimited wireless package costs S$50.00; and
  • A 1-day unlimited wireless package costs S$30.00.

Interested parties will be able to sign-up for these special wireless broadband packages at the StarHub booth on the lobby level of the Suntec Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre (next to the Global Entrepolis @ Singapore registration counter). A list of StarHub wireless locations and partner hotspots can be seen at


Alternative ways to connect to StarHub wireless broadband hubs and hotspots are as follows - through credit cards (VISA/Mastercard) on the login page, through membership with iPASS/GRIC, and through membership with StarHub's local (e.g. Bluengine, Nautilus Networks, PC Connect) and foreign (Wireless Broadband Alliance) partners in wireless broadband.


StarHub is the official Infocomm Service Provider of Global Entrepolis @ Singapore.


(1) There should be an existing Roaming Agreement between the home network operator and StarHub.


(2) Only for subscribers who have signed up for GPRS services with their home network operators. There should be an existing GPRS Roaming Agreement between these network operators and StarHub.


- End -