StarHub's multiple-services customers can now enjoy hassle-free access


Singapore, 16 April 2004 StarHub, Singapore’s innovative info-communications provider, and Ufinity, a leading security and mobile solutions provider, today announced the successful deployment of Ufinity’s RightAccess suite of solutions that enables StarHub to integrate its various service portals with just one single user identity – Hub ID.


In addition, StarHub has also further developed its various service portals to enhance the user experience of its mobile, cable TV and online customers.


With a single-sign-on platform, StarHub’s mobile, cable TV and online customers can now enjoy the convenience and ease-of-use of one single identity called Hub ID.   This enables them to enjoy seamless access to StarHub’s various web-based value-added services, namely Gee! Mobile Data Services, My StarHub CableTV, i.Mail and MySpace portals.   For multiple-services customers, this saves them the hassle of having to manage different accounts, remembering a host of user-IDs and passwords, as well as making several logins to access the various online applications and services.


Ufinity’s RightAccess Identity Management platform has been designed as a carrier-grade, unified identity management infrastructure for service providers to manage seamless user accounts authentication, authorisation, provisioning and auditing across wired platforms such as Internet, and wireless platforms like WAP, GPRS, Wi-Fi and SMS, etc.


By employing Identity Management technology, StarHub is able to link its various Internet-based applications and services, which operate across different platforms and standards, with its customer relationship management systems for easy and timely end-to-end provisioning of user accounts and access rights.   More importantly, the scalable and robust unified platform also ensures that new applications can be easily added to the existing suite of applications.


"As a multiple-services company, StarHub has always been on the lookout for ways to enhance the hubbing experience of our customers, many of whom are users of multiple StarHub services. We are pleased to be the first info-communications provider in Singapore to introduce this exciting feature to our customers, to better enhance their use of StarHub’s services. This innovative move will further entrench our leadership in providing information, communications and entertainment services, and take our customer relationship management to the next level,“ said Mr Spike Choo, Senior Product Manager of StarHub Interactive. “As we continue working with different vendors and service providers to expand the suite of our web-based offerings, we can capitalise on Ufinity’s solutions to enable easy and quick integration of new and current applications and/or platforms, and be first to market with any rollout of new web-based enhanced services.”


"Ufinity is proud to provide its expertise in Identity Management to StarHub. As the number of services grows, service providers will face the challenge of managing various online services that run on heterogeneous platforms. Ufinity’s solutions will solve the problem by providing a standards-based, easy-to-integrate and easy-to-manage platform that allows organisations to quickly integrate best-of-breed products,” said Mr Tung Teck Lee, Chief Technology Officer of Ufinity.


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