Singapore, 27 January 2004 - Internet surfers can now make use of a single MaxOnline 1500 connection for concurrent broadband Internet access in a wireless home network, at no additional subscription fee or usage charges. 


Complementing the sophistication of modern-day home networks, StarHub today announced the launch of its home-networking solution for MaxOnline 1500 customers. From tomorrow, both new and existing subscribers can get the home-networking solution free by simply signing up for a one-year MaxOnline 1500 subscription at $56 ($58.80 with GST) monthly. There is no need to sign up and pay for additional Internet accounts for the additional Internet users linked to the same home network. It also saves subscribers the hassle from remembering a variety of user names and passwords.


This home-networking solution which is worth more than $180 comes with a Linksys-B Broadband Wireless Router valued at $129 and free router delivery and installation service worth $50 ($52.50 with GST).


A home network powered by the Linksys Wireless-B Broadband Router allows a household with multiple users who log on from different computers, to have concurrent broadband access from a single MaxOnline 1500 connection as well as firewall services. It also gives them the added advantage of wireless Net surfing where they can now move their laptops around the house and still enjoy broadband Internet access. And for those customers with only a cable point in the living room, they can still have access to MaxOnline even if their desktop computer is in the study or bedroom.


Said Mr Thomas Ee, Senior Vice President of Online Services at StarHub: "As Internet users enjoy the convenience and cost-savings of shared computing resources such as files, peripheral devices and applications in a home network, MaxOnline 1500 access plan makes the ideal broadband connection - providing fast, reliable and always-on Internet access to all users in the same household."


Mr Ee noted that the encouraging customer response to the integrated home-networking offer of MaxOnline 3000 and its all-in-one cable modem for heavy Internet users, has spurred the company to introduce a similar home networking solution to the light and medium Internet surfers who are on MaxOnline 1500.


"We know that home networking is fast catching on in Singapore as more and more Internet households own more than one computer, thus increasing the demand for a single broadband connection that can meet the Internet surfing needs of multiple users in the same household," said Mr Ee. "With the rapid progress in wireless technologies and proliferation of routers in the past year that have driven hardware prices down significantly, we believe it is now timely for light and medium Internet users of our MaxOnline 1500 service, to enjoy this value-for-money broadband service."


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