New value-added service ensures a complete and clean inbox experience for i.Mail users


Singapore, 26 July 2004 – StarHub, Singapore's innovative info-communications provider, today announced the launch of its Anti-Spam Service, a new value-added service that allows its Online and Mobile customers with an i.Mail account, to detect and block off unsolicited commercial and other unwanted emails before they reach their inboxes.


The Anti-Spam Service filters all your incoming emails by processing spam emails at StarHub’s servers rather than at the user’s desktops. It monitors, evaluates and identifies suspicious email traffic to determine spam probability in every new incoming message. Hence, regardless of how you access your i.Mail account – on your desktop, mobile device or the Internet, it helps to minimise your chances of receiving junk messages.


When the Anti-Spam Service is activated for an i.Mail account, all unwanted messages will be tagged as ‘spam’ in the email subject field and be automatically delivered to the designated ‘spam’ folder. The ‘spam’ folder will be purged regularly at intervals of your choice. You can also set your own rules and preferences for receiving emails. For example, you can create a Buddy list identifying persons from which emails (including bulk emails), should always be delivered to your inbox rather than to the spam folder. 


“Spam has become one of the biggest problems in email communications over the recent year. It can clog up your inbox, waste your precious time deleting unnecessary emails, and choke up your email storage space. All these will drastically affect your productivity,” said Walter Lee, Assistant Vice President, Wireless & IP VAS, StarHub Interactive. “With StarHub’s Anti-Spam Service, i.Mail customers no longer have to spend countless hours setting rules or creating blacklists to identify and capture new junk mails.”


From today till 31 August 2004, i.Mail customers will be able to try out the new Anti-Spam service for free. After the free trial, they can sign up for the value-added service at a monthly subscription of $1.80 ($1.89 with GST).


For added protection for email communications, i.Mail customers can also subscribe to StarHub’s e.Scan service. Available at $1.50 ($1.58 with GST) per month, it protects users from receiving and sending virus-infected emails and attachments by scanning and cleaning all emails before they even reach the computer.


The Anti-Spam and e.Scan services are provided by Trend Micro, a leading provider of network anti-virus and Internet content security software and services.


Those who are interested in the Anti-Spam trial can sign up online at from now till 19 August 2004.


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