StarHub's new brand campaign salutes individuals who wish to do things in their own unique ways

Singapore, 14 June, 2004 - Ever felt like breaking the monotony of a regular desk-bound job by sitting on the edge? Have you ever wished you could achieve a birdie by playing the game by your rules? Can you express yourself through your own personal style?

With StarHub, You Can!

A new tagline entitled "StarHub - You Can" was introduced on 6 June, 2004 in its first burst of television commercials across local television channels such as MediaCorp Channels 5 and 8, ChannelNews Asia, as well as StarHub CableTV channels. With this new tagline, StarHub acknowledges all individuals and celebrates the unique things they do. This tagline replaces its well-known predecessor - "What's Next?" which was used widely across all StarHub's advertisements since 2001. The latter was launched in November 2001 to create an exciting, challenger, "can do, will do" personality for the StarHub brand. It built on the major innovations that StarHub has brought to Singapore and created an energy of anticipation about the StarHub brand.

"StarHub’s new theme "You Can" is a natural evolution from the energy and "can-do" attitude expressed in our earlier tagline "What’s Next". However, "You Can" shifts the emphasis more to our customers. It celebrates their individuality and recognizes their desire and right to do things their own way, even if it is not the most conventional way," said Ms Tham Loke Kheng, Senior Vice President of Consumer Marketing at StarHub. "StarHub is a brand of choice for these confident individuals because we respect them and are undeterred about challenging the norms to meet their needs!" added Ms Tham.

The television commercials feature six vignette illustrations. One of them comprises a female work executive who is exercising on a pilates ball as she works, rather than just sitting on the usual chair. Another shows a golfer using his golf club like a billiard cue to shoot his golf ball into the hole on the golf course. These commercials clearly depict the unusual ways which individuals do things and more importantly, they salute people who dare to be different.

Filmed by local film director Royston Tan, who was responsible for the award winning movie "Fifteen", some of scenes in the 60-second television commercials were executed with a technique called "flutter cut". This technique was employed to make rapid changes in the protagonist's clothes to reflect him in different times of their lives, for example, the father in the vignette is also a busy executive, a sports fan who practices taekwondo and also a guy who likes to kick back and enjoy a casual weekend.

The music chosen for these television commercials is "I'm Free" by the Rolling Stones. As the title suggests, its lyrics are about one being uninhibited doing things the way he or she wants to.

Print and outdoor media for this campaign had started on 13 June, 2004.

Stay tuned and look out for our other print advertisements! At StarHub, we salute all individuals who are not afraid to do things the way they want to!