Instant savings without having to wait for loyalty discounts


Singapore, 18 June 2004 - StarHub, Singapore's fastest growing info-communications provider, today announced the launch of two new mobile price plans - PowerNow 160 and PowerNow 800, which will be available from tomorrow, 19 June 2004. 


With the introduction of PowerNow 160 and PowerNow 800, mobile users can enjoy “instant savings” on their subscription plans.  In comparison, subscription plans offered by other local service providers require users to accumulate sufficient loyalty discounts over five years in order to enjoy a mobile price plan that is as low as $20 a month!


“It does not take StarHub five years to value our customers. We value them right now, and we certainly will not wait five years to offer customers what they really want. With StarHub’s latest mobile plans, customers can reap instant gratification through upfront savings,” said Mr Chan Kin Hung, Head of Mobile Services, StarHub. 


As a customer-focused service provider, StarHub has been providing innovative mobile offerings that cater to the different lifestyle needs of local consumers. In addition, StarHub is the only telco in Singapore to provide Per Second Billing, Airtime Rollover, All-Day Flat Rates, Conversion of free SMS to MMS, and Free IDD Calls to Malaysia, Hong Kong, China and USA. These signature features will be included in PowerNow 160 and PowerNow 800.  Not only that, StarHub’s PowerNow 160 and PowerNow 800 offer Weekend Free Incoming Calls, whereby all calls received between Friday (7pm) to Sunday (midnight) will not be charged.


PowerNow 160 is very attractively priced at just $20 ($21 with GST) monthly. Targeted at moderate mobile users, this new mobile price plan offers 160 minutes of free talk-time.  


PowerNow 800 includes permanent free International Roaming and Caller ID, 800 minutes of free talk-time, and is targeted at heavy or business mobile users who are always on the go.  The monthly subscription for PowerNow 800 is only $77.50 ($81.38 with GST).   Both plans come with 360 free SMS (or 60 free MMS) per month.



PowerNow 160

PowerNow 800

Monthly Subscription

$20 ($21 with GST)

$77.50 ($81.38 with GST)

Free talk-time

160 minutes

800 minutes

Free SMS



Airtime rates (per minute)

15 cents (15.75 cents with GST)

Innovative features

Weekend Free Incoming Calls (from Friday 7pm to Sunday Midnight)

Free IDD018 to Malaysia, Hong Kong, China and U.S.A.

Per Second Billing

Airtime Rollover

Conversion of Free SMS to Free MMS

All-Day Flat Rate

Free value-added services


Caller ID (6 months)
Roaming (3 months)


Caller ID



More than a million customers have chosen StarHub as their preferred mobile service provider. In addition to quality coverage, extensive roaming reach and innovative services, StarHub also offers great value to customers.  We are confident that the introduction of these two attractive and value-packed mobile price plans will extend our customer reach and more mobile users can now enjoy the unique benefits that are offered only by StarHub,” said Mr Chan.


StarHub Mobile has surpassed the one millionth customer mark in a record time of slightly over four years of operations.  As at end April 2004, StarHub has captured about 27% of the local mobile market share, making it the fastest growing mobile service provider in Singapore.



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