Agreement Aimed at Promoting Wireless Broadband And Allowing WiFi Roaming Access on Each Other's Networks in Singapore

Sydney and Singapore, 5 March 2004 -- SkyNetGlobal (ASX:SKG) and StarHub, Singapore's innovative info-communications provider, today announced that they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to allow roaming on each other's WiFi network in Singapore, and to jointly promote wireless hotspot services throughout the nation.

StarHub is the pioneer and leader of the wireless broadband movement in Singapore, forming many strategic alliances with other wireless broadband operators locally and internationally. StarHub and its partners offer wireless broadband services at over 300 locations throughout Singapore, including Singapore Changi Airport and Suntec Exhibition and Convention Centre. StarHub also initiated and currently chairs the global Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA), an alliance of fixed and mobile operators aimed at promoting the adoption of wireless broadband services around the world. The 18-member WBA operates over 18,000 wireless hotspots around the world.

SkyNetGlobal is the pioneer and leading provider of public WiFi access in Australia and is expanding its presence to Singapore. SkyNetGlobal recently completed deployment of its first WiFi network in Singapore, consisting of 119 McDonald's restaurants and cafes. SkyNetGlobal will be officially launching its Singapore WiFi network on 23 March 2004 and plans to become a major player in the nation's wireless broadband industry. SkyNetGlobal's WiFi global roaming service, called "Connector", currently provides users access to more than 3,000 wireless hotspots in 20 countries worldwide.

Jonathan Soon, CEO of SkyNetGlobal said, "This is a significant agreement for SkyNetGlobal as StarHub is the second largest telecommunications carrier in Singapore. The ability by StarHub's subscribers to access SkyNetGlobal wireless hotspots in Singapore, and vice versa, will not only boost our Singapore network's traffic and revenues, but also provide greater service coverage for our customers."

Kyong Yu, Head of StarHub Interactive said, "StarHub customers will continue to enjoy the benefits of our WiFi programme to cooperate with leading wireless broadband providers such as SkyNetGlobal, as part of our efforts to maximise adoption potential among wireless users in Singapore."

"By working collectively to provide this WiFi roaming service, we are able to expand our wireless footprint beyond the infrastructure build of individual companies. This will lead to greater operational efficiency amongst operators while at the same time, providing each company's subscribers with hundreds of convenient locations from which they can access the Internet wirelessly. With this roaming arrangement, StarHub customers will soon have wireless broadband access at more than 419 locations throughout Singapore, enjoying the largest and most comprehensive coverage in the country," said Kyong.