Singapore, 11 May 2004 - Hubbing with StarHub gets more exciting as StarHub today announced the launch of i.View, a broadcast-quality delivery of cable TV video content via a MaxOnline connection.


The i.View service allows MaxOnline users to enjoy the best of both cable TV and broadband worlds - exciting programmes from four cable TV channels, namely Fashion TV, National Geographic, Soundtrack and TechTV (see Editor’s Note), that will better enhance their broadband experience.


MaxOnline users enjoy i.View without the use of any special hardware. Users simply enjoy these broadcast channels on a web browser, with digitised video delivered through Microsoft’s Windows Media Player Version 9 software on their personal computers at home.


The i.View service provides direct access to these selected cable TV channels with no complicated username and password login procedures. This is a key advantage of StarHub’s advanced DOCSIS 1.1 cable broadband network which allows MaxOnline users to have access to these broadcast channels by logging on to StarHub’s designated website at As StarHub’s cable broadband network is capable of delivering very high download speed for residential broadband usage, each i.View channel is delivered at a bit-rate that is more than 400 Kbps. In fact, users can watch multiple i.View channels on the same computer simultaneously, simply by launching more than one session of the web browser.


Multiple users within a MaxOnline household are also able to enjoy the i.View service concurrently using the home networking packages from StarHub, namely the Motorola SURFboard Wireless Cable Modem SBG1000 Gateway and Linksys Wireless-B router.


“Broadcasting cable TV channels to our MaxOnline customers is another exciting example of StarHub’s hubbing benefits as it clearly provides more value and richness to our MaxOnline service," said Mike Reynolds, Head of Consumer Markets at StarHub. "StarHub evidently leads the market in the convergence of technologies and services, and this new hubbing service further entrenches our leadership position in providing greater value and satisfaction to our customers.”


From tomorrow to 20 June 2004, all MaxOnline customers will be able to try out i.View by logging to StarHub’s website at  After the trial, they can sign up for i.View as a value-added service at a monthly subscription of $8 ($8.40 with GST).


Those who are interested in i.View can sign up for the service online at from 21 May 2004.


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