PlayHouse Disney Channel Breathes Disney Magic Into Preschool Learning!


Singapore, 13 May 2004 – Calling all preschoolers!  Come play, imagine and learn with Pooh, Stanley, Olie and Bear – just some of the fun, lovable characters on a brand new channel specially for preschoolers, their parents and caregivers - Playhouse Disney Channel !


Walt Disney Television International – Asia Pacific (WDTVI-AP) brings Disney magic to preschoolers as Asia’s first preschool channel launches in Singapore this weekend on Channel 34 of StarHub CableTV! This commercial-free channel is set to engage the minds of young children aged 2 to 5 in an atmosphere of fun learning and creative expression!


Preschoolers will soon get to enter and explore a whole new world of fun and exciting adventures through the channel’s cuddly characters which will have kids engrossed in learning through imaginative play.


According to Raymund Miranda, Managing Director of Walt Disney Television International (Southeast Asia/Korea), Playhouse Disney Channel fills a growing need among Asian parents, especially in Singapore where the Ministry of Community Development and Sports has found that parents spend an average of S$500 each month just on preschool education. “There is a growing emphasis on early education in Singapore and the rest of Asia.  Parents recognize that the preschool years is a critical stage in a child’s mental, physical and social development.  We are proud to bring Playhouse Disney Channel to Singapore as an edutainment tool that helps children grow and develop in a creative, fun and safe learning environment.”


Said Sandie Lee, StarHub’s Senior Vice President for Cable TV Services: “ Educational channels have always been popular with StarHub CableTV customers. Playhouse Disney Channel, with its focus on preschool learning, will fill a void for programmes designed for those aged between two and five. It complements and adds value to the suite of educational channels that we already have in our line-up.”


Combining music, puppetry, animation, CGI and live action, Playhouse Disney Channel programming is all about “learning powered by imagination”.  While preschoolers revel in the enchanting world of Playhouse Disney Channel, parents can rest assured that their children are gaining knowledge and skills in a safe, entertaining and educational environment based on the “Whole Child Curriculum”.  Developed by early childhood specialist Dr. Renee Cherow O’Leary, the “Whole Child Curriculum” seeks to engage children in early academics and beyond – extending to the development of motor, problem-solving, social, creative and life skills.


All StarHub CableTV subscribers will enjoy a two-week free preview of Playhouse Disney Channel from 15 to 31 May 2004.  When it officially launches on 1 June on the Enhanced Tier, 10 lucky Playhouse Disney Channel subscribers will each win a Playhouse Disney Channel wagon filled with Disney toys and preschool goodies worth S$500 during the launch period! Those interested in subscribing to Playhouse Disney Channel can call 1630 or log on to StarHub's website for more details.


Playhouse Disney programs will also be available as a special two-hour programming block on Disney Channel - the commercial-free channel for kids and their families. In conjunction with the launch of Playhouse Disney Channel, Disney Channel will move from the Enhanced Tier to the Kids Basic group, so the magic of Disney will reach even more families in Singapore and continue to enchant our lives! Disney Channel is available on channel 33 on StarHub CableTV.


Some of the exciting programs on Playhouse Disney Channel include:

  • The Book of Pooh – Combining puppetry with CGI, Winnie the Pooh and his friends explore the Hundred Acre Woods, learning about words, language and books.  Lessons are taught through storytelling, poems, wordplay and songs, encouraging creativity and love for books and language to engage children in early academics.
  • PB&J Otter – Peanut, Baby and Jelly Butter are three young otter siblings who live on a houseboat at Lake Hoohaw.  When faced with problems, the otter kids use the “Noodle Dance” to come up with creative solutions to their problems, encouraging children to do likewise when faced with similar difficulties.
  • Rolie Polie Olie – Winner of the Emmy® and Parent’s Choice Award, Rolie Polie Olie is an animated series which revolves around the hilarious world of Olie, a six-year-old robot boy and his Robofamily.  Olie invites children to imagine, interact and learn with him while imparting family values and teaching important lessons about sharing. 
  • Stanley – Based on characters from the popular children’s book series, Stanley is a curious little boy with a passion for facts, who searches the animal world for clues about how things work.  Together with his trusty “The Great Big Book of Everything,” an encyclopedia that contains a wealth of animal lore, and Dennis his pet fish, Stanley solves everyday problems that children can identify with.
  • Bear in The Big Blue House – Another Emmy® and Parent’s Choice Award winner, this series is hosted by the seven-foot, warm and understanding Bear, who invites the audience into his home each day to play, learn and sing with his friends.   Each episode centers on a specific theme like home, birthdays and sharing.  This series teaches children about living in a community and helps them develop thinking and social skills.

Other shows on the channel include the world-famous Bananas in Pyjamas, the ever-friendly, helpful Bob in Bob the Builder, Clifford the big red dog, preschoolers’ brand new pint-sized super heroes – The Save Ums, and Lights, Camera, Action, WIGGLES!