21 April 2005

StarHub’s New Service Offerings Provide Bandwidth Up to 6 Mbps, with Static and Dynamic IP Addresses and Free Lease of Router


Singapore, 21 April 2005 – StarHub, Singapore’s integrated info-communications provider, today announced the launch of Singapore’s highest-speed ADSL ( Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) services for business customers.


Both WebSpeed Flex (LAN) and WebSpeed Flex (LAN Plus) provide bandwidth of up to 6 Mbps with the former service providing dynamic IP addresses and the latter static IP addresses. Targeted at SMEs and Internet-focused businesses, the new services empower corporate customers to work more efficiently through faster access to the Internet for for general surfing, e-mails, video/net conferencing and streaming, virtual private network connectivity and e-commerce applications.


“As global connectivity increases, customers are now demanding more and more bandwidth in order to shuttle larger documents across multiple business locations quickly and efficiently. They are also doing more real-time online collaborations and Internet conferencing,” said Mr Alex Siow, Head of StarHub’s Business Markets. “Based on our customers’ feedback, while we continue to offer the most flexible of ADSL offerings in the Singapore market, we are also giving our customers the option to optimise their bandwidth as far as it will go.”


StarHub offers WebSpeed ADSL in scaleable packages starting from 256 Kbps that will give businesses the flexibility to tailor access speeds that matches their current business needs should their bandwidth requirements grow in future.


Added Mr David Storrie, Head of Network and Wholesale Services at StarHub, “StarHub’s ADSL WebSpeed service often provides access to the Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer (DSLAM) directly in the office building. In addition, StarHub’s ADSL WebSpeed service uses high-grade cable wiring to ensure reliable, high-speed data transfers. As a result, we can offer the highest download speed for companies to stay continuously and efficiently connected with the best quality line performance.”


The new offerings will start from S$1,500 per month and are open to businesses connected to StarHub’s 100%-owned fibre network. Both services come bundled with complimentary leasing of routers.


For enquiries, please call StarHub’s business hotline 1800-888 8888 or e-mail business@starhub.com. For more information, visit www.starhub.com/business.


Glossary of Terms

DSLAM -      A network device commonly located at a telephone company central office (but in StarHub’s case, often located within the customer’s office building) that receives signals from multiple customer Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) connections and puts the signals on a high-speed backbone line using multiplexing techniques.


Dynamic IP - A dynamic IP address changes each time the customer connects to their Internet Service Provider (ISP). This allows ISPs to keep a pool of addresses available to subscribers. If they disconnect from the ISP, the address is returned to the pool, becoming available to the next computer that connects.


Static IP -     A static IP address is fixed, much like a telephone number. If the ISP gives a company a static address, that company will always use the same address. Servers usually have static addresses, so they can always be found at the same location.