11 August 2005

- Digital Video Recorder will be Singapore's first two-way digital set-top box with built-in hard disk to store TV content -

Singapore, 11 August 2005 - With the upcoming launch of its Digital Video Recorder (StarHub DVR), StarHub will take another step to revolutionise the TV viewing experience for Singaporeans.  The StarHub DVR is a two-way interactive digital set-top box with an integrated digital video recorder.  The unit has a high-capacity hard disk that will allow cable TV customers to record and store their favorite programmes such as movies and sports, and watch them whenever they want and as many times as they wish.  StarHub expects to offer the StarHub DVR to its customers within the next six months.

StarHub DVR will allow users to record TV programmes as high quality digital files onto a hard disk in a simple and easy-to-use fashion since the DVR is integrated with StarHub's Onscreen TV Guide.  StarHub's cable TV customers will enjoy the unique convenience of recording a programme with a single touch of the record button on the remote control.  They will also find it easy to set the DVR to record single or multiple episodes, or even multiple programmes simultaneously.

Cable TV customers using the StarHub DVR will never miss their favourite programmes again. There is no longer a need for them to rush home to catch TV shows since recording can be scheduled in advance.  Nor will they need to keep up with telecast schedule changes as these will automatically be detected by the DVR. The StarHub DVR will also give them more control of their TV viewing as they can pause and instantly replay any scene, even while watching 'live' TV.  All of these elements are known in the industry as Time Shift viewing.

"With StarHub DVR, recording devices such as a VHS videocassette recorder may be a thing of the past.  The integration with our Onscreen TV Guide makes it simple and worry-free to schedule recordings, even if schedules change.  Our customers can simply let the StarHub DVR do the work, and watch their favorite programmes whenever they like!" enthused Ms Sandie Lee, StarHub's Senior Vice President, Cable TV services.

"StarHub DVR will also enhance your experience when watching 'live' TV.  Just imagine, you are watching your favorite show and the phone rings or you need to leave the room.  With the StarHub DVR you simply pause the broadcast and take care of the business at hand, then resume watching where you left off when it is more convenient!"

She added, "StarHub DVR, together with Demand TV [1] and our time shift channel, VV Drama (+3) [2], reaffirms our commitment to empower our customers with greater flexibility in 'when' they would like to watch their favorite TV programmes.  We certainly look at such applications as important elements in our continuing quest to make our product offerings even more compelling and give our customers more choices." 

StarHub introduced a new TV viewing experience for its customers with the launch of its digital platform in May 2004, offering many convenient features and interactive applications such as Onscreen TV Guide, Auto-Tune, Chat and Video Mosaic.  The StarHub DVR launch will be another milestone for StarHub and for its customers.

Some of the key exciting features of StarHub's DVR include:

·       Intelligence - As the DVR is integrated with StarHub's Onscreen TV Guide, users simply need to access their favourite TV shows through the      guide and press the record button. The DVR will automatically start and stop recording the selected programmes.  Users need not be concerned if         the telecast times of their selected programmes are changed, as the recordings will automatically be made at the updated timings.

·       Time Shift - Users can enjoy unprecedented instant replays of 'live' TV by choosing to rewind, fast-forward, slow-mo or freeze elapsed clips. They can also pause the show they are viewing, and return later to pick up from where they left off.

·       Two-way interactivity - Users can enjoy more interactive features. They can chat with other viewers, make Demand TV purchases, send SMSes to other StarHub Mobile users, and even check emails via the TV set and remote control.

·       Hard-Disk Recording - The DVR saves all chosen shows in its inbuilt hard-drive, negating the need to purchase other equipment.

·       Easy Navigation - The DVR's user-friendly interface allows users to locate their favourite recordings instantly. They can label and sort their recordings onscreen, and create their own personal playlists.

·       Second Channel Recording - Users can watch one channel and record another at the same time.

StarHub is working with three technology partners to develop the StarHub DVR, and to bring this enhanced service to its cable TV customers. They are Thomson Broadcast & Media Solutions, OpenTV and Nagravision S.A. (A Kudelski Group). Thomson and OpenTV will respectively provide the set-top box and middleware, while Nagravision will provide an advanced security conditional access system and overall system integration.

More information on the StarHub DVR will be announced nearer to the date of launch.

[1]  Demand TV was launched by StarHub Digital Cable on 28 June 2005. It is Singapore's only Near Video-On-Demand service on television that gives movie buffs a convenient option to watch recently released movies in the comfort of their homes. StarHub's Digital Cable customers can select a movie, a preferred viewing slot and pay only for what they choose to watch.

[2]  An example of a time shift channel would be StarHub's VV Drama (+3). This channel shares the same content as the popular VV Drama - the only difference is that programmes are aired three hours after the latter. VV Drama (+3) was launched by StarHub Digital Cable on 1 February 2005, with the aim of providing StarHub Digital Cable subscribers with more flexible viewing schedules


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