23 August 2005

New E City (+2) channel airs E City content two hours later


Together with Demand TV, VV Drama (+3) and the soon-to-be launched Digital Video Recorder (DVR), StarHub’s latest channel provides customers more choice in “when” they watch their favourite TV programmes


Singapore, 23 August 2005 - While local viewers are waiting eagerly for the launch of the five new digital channels [1] on StarHub’s digital platform on 1 September 2005, StarHub has announced today that it will introduce yet another initiative - a new channel, E City (+2), to be launched on 29 August 2005!


E City (+2), on Channel 256, will share the same content as the popular E City (Channel 56), the only difference being that the programmes will be aired two hours after the latter.  E City (+2) will be available free-of-charge to subscribers of E City who are using the digital set-top box.


E City is a Chinese entertainment channel that offers movies, dramas, variety shows, entertainment news and anime. Its line-up includes Showbiz (entertainment news programme hosted by Zax Wang and Zhang Shanwei), Big Brother’s Return (variety show hosted by Chang Fei), Mr Fighting (Taiwanese drama starring members of 5566), the latest and hottest Japanese anime, and popular movies from Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Korea and Japan.


“StarHub is always looking for ways to deliver greater benefits to existing customers. We understand that many of our customers lead a busy lifestyle and we want to make it more convenient for them to catch their favourite programmes on E City’s line-up! With E City (+2), viewers enjoy an extended primetime for our key programme belts. For example, top Taiwanese variety shows telecast at 8pm from Mondays to Saturdays will get another airing on E City (+2) at 10pm, and those who choose to meet their friends on Sunday evenings can catch the idol dramas at 9pm instead of 7pm!” said Ms Sandie Lee, StarHub’s Senior Vice President, Cable TV Services.


This news on the launch of E City (+2) comes hot on the heels of StarHub’s announcement less than two weeks ago that it will launch the StarHub DVR within the next six months. This year, StarHub has already launched VV Drama (+3) and Demand TV in February and June respectively.  Demand TV allows customers to choose which movies to watch and when to watch them, while VV Drama (+3) carries the content of StarHub’s dedicated channel for Asian dramas - VV Drama, three hours later.


Ms Lee added, “The upcoming launch of E City (+2), following our announcement on the StarHub DVR and introduction of Demand TV and VV Drama (+3), gives further evidence of StarHub’s commitment to empower our customers with greater choice and control over when they would like to watch their favourite TV programmes.”


Those interested to subscribe to, or find out more about E City and StarHub’s cable TV offerings can visit the website www.starhub.com/cabletv or dial 1633.



[1] The five new channels to be launched on 1 September 2005 are A1, Asian Food Channel (AFC), BBC Prime, Eurosportnews and FOX News Channel.  This was announced on 26 July 2005.



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