24 January 2005

Singapore, 24 January 2005 - StarHub will be giving a special treat to Singapore TV viewers this Lunar New Year period.  From 1 to 20 February 2005, local TV households will be able to sample some of the best Chinese programming from the region on Preview Channel (StarHub CableTV Channel 01), free-of-charge. This is the first time TV households in Singapore are able to access such an extensive block of StarHub CableTV’s Chinese programming on the channel.


During the 20 days of special viewing, the Preview Channel will be unencrypted and accessible by all households with cable points, whether they are subscribers or non-subscribers of StarHub CableTV.  More than 95 percent of local households have at least one cable point in their homes.


StarHub currently offers 16 channels of Chinese programming, in addition to TVBJ - Singapore’s only Cantonese channel.  The 12 channels participating in Preview Channel’s special one-off free viewing are Asia Plus, Celestial Movies, CTI TV, E City, ETTV Asia, MTV Mandarin, Phoenix Chinese Channel, Phoenix InfoNews, TVB8, TVBS Asia, VV Drama and XING KONG.


“StarHub offers the most comprehensive range of Chinese TV programming in Singapore, which includes ‘live’ events, movies, dramas, talk shows, variety shows, music, anime, current affairs, world news and entertainment news. We are delighted to give the public an opportunity to sample the quality Chinese programming offered on StarHub CableTV,” said Ms Sandie Lee, StarHub’s Senior Vice President, Cable TV Services, who added with a smile,  “this special viewing is our little way of bringing more cheer to local viewers during this festive period.”


Among the many programmes viewers can look forward to on the Preview Channel are the highest-rated entertainment news programmes (Showbiz from E City, E-news@Asia from Asia Plus and Entertainment News from TVBS Asia), first-run TVB dramas (Net Deception and Riches And Stitches from VV Drama), popular movies (Golden Chicken from Celestial Movies and Beautiful Boxer from E City), much-publicised variety shows (Mr Con & Ms CSI from CTI TV and Big Brother’s Return from E City), and programmes featuring the hottest Chinese stars (Ten Most Popular Celebrity Awards from TVB8 and The Young & Daring IV from E City).


StarHub CableTV subscribers can enjoy the Preview Channel on Channel 01, while non-subscribers can manually tune their TV sets to UHF 527.25 Mhz. The manual tuning-in procedures will vary according to different models of TV set, and viewers are advised to refer to their TV operating manuals for specific tuning-in instructions.


The generic tuning-in procedures are:

·    Select an unused channel on the TV set

·    Press the TUNING button on the TV remote control or at the front panel of the TV unit, commonly labeled as [PRESET], [INSTALL], [SET],[P/C] or [MENU>TUNE>MANUAL]. If the TV unit does not have any of these buttons, please refer to the TV manual.

·    Start tuning by pressing or selecting the VOLUME +/- button or the CHANNEL UP/DOWN button on the TV remote control until the StarHub Preview channel appears on the screen.

·    Next, press the STORE or MEM button on the TV remote control to store the tuning.

·    Press the MENU or PRESET button to end or exit the tuning procedure.


The public can refer to StarHub's website for the full schedule of Preview Channel’s 20-day special viewing period. StarHub CableTV customers can also refer to the Cable TV Teletext and Onscreen TV Guide (Digital Cable customers only) for the schedule.