14 July 2005

All MaxOnline Customers To Enjoy Free Subscription To Digital Voice And Unlimited Local Outgoing Calls

MaxOnline Ultimate Subscribers To Enjoy Free Bandwidth Upgrade To 30 Mbps


Singapore, 14 July 2005 - StarHub, Singapore's integrated info-communications provider, today announced exciting enhancements to its MaxOnline products.


From tomorrow, all StarHub residential customers on any of its subscription-based MaxOnline services - MaxOnline 2000, MaxOnline 6500 or MaxOnline Ultimate - will be able to subscribe to Digital Voice, StarHub's residential fixed-line service, at no monthly subscription charges. Additionally, they can make unlimited free outgoing calls to any local fixed-line or mobile number*, at any time of the day.


In addition, subscribers of MaxOnline Ultimate will also benefit from a bandwidth upgrade at the same monthly fee (S$121.80), allowing them to enjoy always-on, unlimited broadband access to the Internet at an unparalleled download speed of up to 30 Mbps, from tomorrow. Distinctly positioned as the highest download bandwidth plan in the market, MaxOnline Ultimate is the perfect solution for home networking households with multiple Internet users and devices connected to the Internet.


It is important to note that MaxOnline Ultimate is available nation-wide in Singapore immediately since its launch in April 2005, while other broadband operators can only provide higher-end broadband access to selected locations covered by their networks. With cable access available to more than 99% of all homes throughout Singapore, consumers can enjoy the convenience of signing up for the service anytime they want.


"StarHub takes pride in leading the market in providing innovative services and most important, the best value to our customers. These two enhancements - free Digital Voice subscription to all MaxOnline households and free bandwidth upgrade to MaxOnline Ultimate users - are further testament to our commitment to provide value and savings to our customers by enabling true convergence of  their info-communications usage," said Mr Thomas Ee, Senior Vice President, Online Services, StarHub.


StarHub's announcement today also included the introduction of the Digital Voice Value Bundle. Available at S$4.73 monthly, customers can enjoy four popular calling features - Caller Number Display, Call Waiting, Call Divert Plus and Voicemail - to better manage their residential calls. Those who subscribe to this special bundle can enjoy free Number Retention service priced at S$8.40 monthly, which allows them to retain their existing fixed-line number when they switch from other operators to StarHub Digital Voice. Other value-added calling features are available at S$2.10 monthly each.


Besides savings on the monthly Digital Voice subscription fee, local outgoing calls, and subscription to the Digital Voice Value Bundle, customers who make frequent international calls to China, Hong Kong or the USA can subscribe to a value-added service - "Call IDD 018" - and enjoy up to 200 minutes of free StarHub IDD 018 talktime. This service is available at S$5 or S$8 a month, depending on the chosen IDD destination. For overseas calls placed via StarHub IDD 018 service to other popular IDD destinations, Digital Voice users continue to enjoy Hubber rates which are up to a whopping 74% cheaper than published IDD rates.


To take up the Digital Voice service, MaxOnline subscribers can either call StarHub's Subscription Sales Hotline at 1630 or submit an online application via www.starhub.com/voice. They will require a voice-enabled cable modem (VeCM) which can be purchased from a StarHub Shop at a special price of S$115.50. Those currently on the MaxOnline service may choose to utilise their StarHub Rewards points to redeem a VeCM. Full redemption of the equipment is available with 7600 points (7700 points redeemed via hotline) or with partial redemption, 4600 points plus S$90 (4700 points redeemed via hotline).


Connected to the cable point found in homes throughout Singapore, the VeCM allows a normal analogue phone to be plugged into the device and send and receive voice signals. The same modem can support up to two separate Digital Voice lines as well as broadband Internet access with any subscription-based MaxOnline service.


MaxOnline customers interested to find out more about the Digital Voice service can log on to StarHub's website at www.starhub.com/voice.


* Customers can enjoy unlimited local outgoing calls through Digital Voice except phone numbers in the exclusion list available at: www.starhub.com/voice.


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