18 November 2005

StarHub Mobile Customers First and Only in Singapore to Enjoy the World of Mobile Internet @ Just One Click


Singapore, 18 November 2005 – StarHub, Singapore's integrated info-communications provider and exclusive i-mode® operator, today announced the commercial launch of i-mode, the world's leading mobile Internet service. i-mode was  developed by Japan's largest mobile communications operator, NTT DoCoMo, and over the last six years, 14 other operators world-wide have joined NTT DoCoMo to make i-mode an easy-to-use and proven service widely accessed by more than 50 million subscribers globally today.


From 19 November 2005, StarHub's mobile post-paid customers will be able to enjoy the world of mobile Internet at just one click from an i-mode handset to more than 100 official i-mode sites offering a wide variety of lifestyle driven mobile Internet services provided by over 80 international and local content providers. In addition, three models of i-mode compatible handsets will be unveiled for the launch.


Commenting on the launch of i-mode in Singapore, Mr Terry Clontz, President & CEO, StarHub, said: "With its broad portfolio of lifestyle content and applications, as well as its user-friendly one-button access to the i-mode portal, we believe i-mode is sure to expand the ways many people use their mobile phones in Singapore. They will be able to do more things now with far greater ease, convenience and fun. As i-mode sites are created specifically for ease-of-use on mobile phones, it will simplify our customers' busy lifestyles by providing them instant accessibility to the content and services that they need and want."


"We are delighted to have the tremendous support of our international and local content partners for StarHub's i-mode service, which we believe will be a key differentiator for our mobile data service offering. Together with our large and diverse group of content providers, we are able to create the broadest portfolio of mobile data services and also a win-win proposition that will encourage even more content providers to join the i-mode community in the future," Mr Clontz added. "We are also very encouraged by the i-mode experience in other countries outside Japan, such as France, The Netherlands and Australia which provide similar breadth and depth of content and applications, and that have led to far higher customer usage of mobile data services. For StarHub, i-mode enables us to further and better differentiate our mobile data offering, which we believe will become the next growth driver in Singapore's mobile market.”


Said Mr Takeshi Natsuno, Senior Vice President and Managing Director of Multimedia Services, NTT DoCoMo: "I am delighted that i-mode has come to Singapore. We are confident that i-mode will enrich the everyday life of users in Singapore by making communication so much more creative and fun than ever before. NTT DoCoMo is truly gratified to see the i-mode community continuing to expand across the globe. By working closely with StarHub, we are committed to ensuring the best quality of service to i-mode subscribers in Singapore.”


i-mode Content and Applications

There is literally something for everyone from StarHub's i-mode service, which provides an extensive catalogue of content and services including news, sports, banking & trading, entertainment, Chinese content, shopping, information & directories, fun downloads, games and lifestyle content sites. i-mode users can also enjoy push e-mail and chat services as well as participate in regular promotions. StarHub will increase the line-up of i-mode sites by continuously aggregating top quality local and international content and services so as to constantly enhance the appeal of its i-mode offering. Subscribers can also look forward to the advent of innovative and advanced mobile commerce applications designed to simplify their busy lifestyles.


Please refer to the attached list for the complete line-up of i-mode content and services.


i-mode Handsets

At launch, StarHub will offer customers a choice of three handsets from NEC and Samsung, which will include one 3G handset and two 2.5G handsets. These handsets are available at various price points to meet the needs and preferences of different customer segments. To deliver i-mode's unique and user-friendly experience, these handsets come with standard features such as one-button access to i-mode’s portal and integrated email services. Details and pricing for the handsets are as follows:


Phone Model


NEC 411i (2.5G)

Retails for S$368 with a two-year mobile service subscription

Samsung 410i (2.5G)

Retails for S$538 with a two-year mobile service subscription

NEC 600i (3G)

Retails at S$688 with a two-year mobile service subscription


The handset range is expected to expand steadily to include those from other leading manufacturers.


i-mode Pricing Plans

StarHub's i-mode service is offered over its 2.5G and 3G networks. Customers can access i-mode content using any i-mode phone and subscribing to any of StarHub’s Gee! Data plans.


To enjoy greater savings in data usage, i-mode users can also subscribe to a special i-mode Unlimited data plan at S$21 monthly, which allows customers to have unlimited data traffic access to i-mode sites.


Customer Usage Pattern

Recommended Data Plan

Monthly Subscription

Launch Promotion*

Light Users

Gee! Lite

Pay as you use (1.05 cents per kbyte)


Frequent Users

Gee! Value

S$10.50 for S$20 worth of data traffic @ 0.32 cents per kbyte

S$5.25 for S$20 worth of data traffic until April 2006

Heavy Users

i-mode Unlimited



S$10.50 for first three months (valid until April 2006)


* A one-time registration charge of S$10.50 is waived, until 31 December 2006.


In addition to subscribing to StarHub’s data plans, i-mode users may need to subscribe to specific content partners in order to access their sites. However, there is a one-month free access to most content sites for customers who subscribe to the content partner by 31 December 2005. There are also many i-mode sites that are available free of charge from the beginning. Please refer to the attached list of i-mode content and services for details.


More about i-mode

StarHub's launch in Singapore is the 15th market for i-mode following Japan (NTT DoCoMo), Germany (E-Plus), The Netherlands (KPN Mobile), Taiwan (Far EasTone), Belgium (BASE), France (Bouygues Telecom), Spain (Telefonica Moviles), Italy (Wind), Greece (COSMOTE), Australia (Telstra), Israel (Cellcom), Russia (MTS), O2 (UK and Ireland). 


Note: i-mode and the i-mode logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of NTT DoCoMo, Inc. in Japan and other countries.


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