27 September 2005

12 new channels of karaoke fun for the family


Singapore, 27 September 2005 - From tomorrow, in addition to enjoying their favourite TV programmes, consumers will also be able to hone their singing skills with Karaoke TV on StarHub Digital Cable!  To be launched on 28 September 2005, Karaoke TV will become an added attraction on StarHub’s Digital Cable platform which already includes 83 TV channels, Demand TV and other innovative services such as Video Mosaic, Chat, eTV (enhanced TV) and TV Games.


Karaoke TV will consist of 12 new channels.  Each channel will have a different theme such as "Latest Pops", "Pop Male Singers", "Evergreen Female Singers" and "Kids", and will carry a fixed playlist of 10 to 15 songs per hour.  The playlists are looped and can be accessed 24 hours a day, on each of these 12 channels. Song titles are refreshed every one to two weeks.


"Karaoke TV will be the latest addition to the many innovative features and interactive applications that are currently available to our digital cable customers. What we are offering with Karaoke TV is an enhanced user experience with variety, affordability and convenience," said Ms Sandie Lee, StarHub's Senior Vice President, Cable TV Services.


Ms Lee added, "Television viewing is not just a passive activity, as it can also be a bonding and socialising experience with family and friends. With Karaoke TV, we enable family members and friends to have fun together and sing to their hearts' content!"



Karaoke TV customers can enjoy a bouquet of 120 to 180 songs on Channels 148 to 159 daily.  Hence, they can look forward to at least 240 song titles each month as the titles will be refreshed fortnightly, if not sooner. The 12 channels will have something to appeal to everyone in the family as they cover a wide range of karaoke videos including the latest Mandarin hits, all-time favourites and evergreens, English songs and children’s songs.



StarHub's cable TV customers can access all 12 channels of Karaoke TV for a monthly fee of $12 ($12.60 with GST).



Customers of Karaoke TV will not only be updated on the latest and most popular karaoke videos. With this new service, they can also hone their singing prowess in the comforts and privacy of their homes before they are ready to impress their friends with polished renditions!


Those interested to subscribe to Karaoke TV only need to take up the minimum of three StarHub Digital Cable basic groups.