03 April 2006

StarHub IDD Charity Fund To Donate 600 Wheelchairs Worth $240,000 to 13 Charities

Singapore, 3 April 2006 – StarHub today reaffirmed its spirit of corporate philanthropy by donating 600 wheelchairs to 13 Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWOs) through the StarHub IDD Charity Fund.  Amounting to $240,000, this will be StarHub’s second and biggest donation of wheelchairs since the launch of the StarHub IDD Charity Fund in July 2000.  A special presentation ceremony was held at the Society for the Physically Disabled to mark this community initiative.

The 13 VWOs who will benefit from this donation are AWWA Community Home for Senior Citizens, Bethany Nursing Home, Bright Hill Evergreen Home, Cheshire Home, Club Rainbow, Dorcas Home Care Services, Ju Eng Home for Elders, Moral Home Help, Singapore Leprosy Relief Association, Society for the Physically Disabled, Sunlove Home, Sunshine Welfare Action Mission and TOUCH Home Care. To date, StarHub has donated 1,037 wheelchairs to 34 charity organisations, with its first donation of 437 wheelchairs to 21 community organizations made in June 2001.

Made of lightweight aluminum frame with detachable arm and leg rests, some of these new wheelchairs were given to those without wheelchairs to give them a new lease of mobility, while others will replace old ones that are wearing out.

“We hope that by providing wheelchairs for the elderly and the physically disabled, we are not only empowering them with mobility but also helping them gain greater self-esteem to be independent individuals.  Wheel Power is indeed another manifestation of StarHub’s social vision of bringing direct benefits to the intended recipients – a philanthropic programme made possible by the StarHub IDD Charity Fund”, said Mr Yong Lum Sung, StarHub’s Chief Operating Officer, who was present at the ceremony.

“Wheel Power is also aligned with our focused approach to promote two of StarHub's corporate values - never be afraid to challenge the norm to overcome the odds that life/environment presents, and to nurture talents/skills for the empowerment of individuals and therefore contribute towards a better society”, added Mr Yong.

With this donation, StarHub will be working closely with the VWOs, to organise a series of outdoor activities and programmes to bring these elderly and physically disabled out of the confines of their homes and give greater significance and meaning to the term, “Wheel Power”.

About StarHub IDD Charity Fund

The StarHub IDD Charity Fund was launched in July 2000. With 1% of revenue earned from all IDD 008 and IDD 018 calls channeled into the fund, the aim of this fund is to directly benefit the less fortunate in our society through education/skill enhancement and to fulfill their basic needs. The Fund also provides experiential benefits for the less fortunate, to widen their vision and opportunities in life.  StarHub aims to heighten the society's awareness of the plight of the less fortunate and to encourage them to help contribute in any way possible.